Panorama Maker 6
Panorama Maker 6 Create perfect panorama images with your photos and videos All Windows 7, Vista, XP   |   100% Clean, No Spyware, No Viruses.
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  • Stitch photos and videos into panoramas – now in 3D!
  • Includes five professional stitch modes
  • Powerful one-click enhancement tools
  • Print panorama photos with online built-in Print Service
  • Various export options including 3D MPO
Tutorial » Quick Start
    • Choose your photos or videos and a stitch mode
      From the Folders Menu, browse to the desired folder and choose the photos or videos for your panorama. Select a stitch mode and click Next
    • Enhance and preview
      For photos, arrange them into the correct order and click Stitch.At this point, you can edit and enhance the panorama by using the editing tools provided. Preview your panorama by clicking the Preview or 3D Preview button.
      For videos, click the Play button to preview the video clip. Click the Super Resolution checkbox for a clearer panorama. When satisfied with the panorama, click the Stitch button. Edit the panorama using the provided editng tools. Preview your panorama by clicking the Preview or 3D Preview button.
    • Customize, export, and print
      Once your panorama is stitched, you can customize it by adding a frame, personalized title, as well as copyright information. Click Save and choose the desired size and format. For 3D panormamas, choose the MPO file format.
      To email your panorama to friends and family, from the Save dialog box, choose the High Compression option from the Quality drop-down box.
      Click the Print button and select the paper size and page layout. For online printing, click the Order Panorama button.

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