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Right brained? Left brained?

Great. Let's talk. (We need you both).

Creativity is part science, part art. And we believe that a very specific kind of magic happens when scientists and artists work together. ArcSoft is a place where engineering geniuses meet imaginative masterminds. Where idea people connect with technical innovators. These are the kind of people who work – and thrive – with us.

At ArcSoft, we make things that work for your life. We make intuitive imaging software and apps that are exciting to design, great to use, and make your world more beautiful.

Doesn't that sound like a great way to spend your time?

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ArcSoft Headquarters - Fremont, CA, USA

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ArcSoft Europe

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ArcSoft China

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ArcSoft Taiwan

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"15 years at ArcSoft and still going strong! This is an intelligent, respectful company that values everyone's opinion."

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