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Link+ 3

Stunning Player for Stream-sharing Media Resource

  • Stream media between PC, iPad, iPhone
  • Sync media from PC, iPad, iPhone to HDTV
  • Share and play numerous media sources instantly and smoothly
  • Able to view and play back media anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure security with password protection
  • Support Windows 8

This product is no longer available online. For OEM licensing, please contact our sales representatives.

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  • Stream in real-time
    Stream high-definition videos, photos, and music throughout your home network, in real-time. With ArcSoft Link+ 3, you can easily locate all devices and access shared content in your UPnP-compatible home network. Now you can watch a video stored on a laptop on your HDTV, browse through shared photos, and listen to music or your iTunes® files from any PC or iPad* anywhere in the house.
    *Note: Link+ 3 for iPad is coming soon.
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  • feature_s
  • Download content from any device
    It's easy to download shared music, videos, and photos in your home network. Want to save a few songs stored on your laptop to your local hard drive? Simply select the laptop that contains the music files, choose the songs and click the download icon, and drag-and-drop them into the panel. There's no complicated download process or need for a USB drive and your songs are safe and secure.

  • Play media directly to HDTV
    There's no better way to watch your media files on your PC, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and iPad than on the big screen. Simply select the media files to share in your UPnP compatible home network and stream to your HDTV.
    *Note: Link+ 3 for iPad is coming soon.
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  • feature_s
  • Fast file conversion and video playback with AMD 2nd Gen APU
    Using AMD's 2nd Gen APU, ArcSoft Link+ 3 quickly converts media formats to the appropriate formats for playing back on various devices; all seamlessly and with low CPU usage. Leveraging AMD HD Media Accelerator, video playback is cleaner and smoother while keeping the computing power low, to give you a more pleasant viewing experience.

  • Clean UI for managing content
    ArcSoft Link+ 3 automatically manages your media into pre-defined folders. Browse through shared music by album, artist, and song. Videos are organized by title and date. View photos by year. Create playlists for all three media types, using the playback controls. Still can't find what you're looking for? Type the name of the file in the Search box.
  • feature_s

  • feature_s
  • Customize playback
    Customize video playback on your AMD Fusion™ PC to play high definition video quality by enabling ArcSoft's SimHD® technology during transcoding. In addition, our Steady Video feature is automatically enabled, giving you a smoother video playback.

  • Password protect shared files
    Don't forget to password protect your shared files from curious children or other computer's in your home network by setting up a secure password.
  • feature_s

  • feature_s
  • Supports popular formats
    All popular formats are supported for photos, videos, and music files. Open images with JPEG, BMP, PNG, and Tiff formats; play videos using WMV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, and MOV formats; and play various audio files that include WMA, MP3, AAC, WAVE, and MPEG-1.

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