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Link+ 3

Stunning Player for Stream-sharing Media Resource

  • Stream media between PC, iPad, iPhone
  • Sync media from PC, iPad, iPhone to HDTV
  • Share and play numerous media sources instantly and smoothly
  • Able to view and play back media anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure security with password protection
  • Support Windows 8

This product is no longer available online. For OEM licensing, please contact our sales representatives.

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Tutorial » Quick Start
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    • Share folders
      Launch ArcSoft Link+ 3 and click the Settings icon to display the Settings dialog box. Click the Add button and browse to the music, photos, and video folders you'd like to share. Click OK. Add or remove as many folders as you want.
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    • Play media files
      Stream your videos, photos, and music using the playback controls.
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    • Download media files
      Download shared music, videos, and photos in your home network using ArcSoft Link+ 3.
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    • Enable SimHD technology
      SimHD™ is ArcSoft's upscaling technology, converting standard-definition multimedia files to high-definition, offering you a sharper and more vivid picture in real-time. To use SimHD, make sure your using an AMD Fusion™ PC and your devices in your home network are DLNA-compatible. Click here for additional information on enabling SimHD.
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