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Magic-i Visual Effects 2 HD

A fun and entertaining chat experience!

  • Supports high-definition video with crystal-clear pictures
  • Improve online chat visual effects through frames, effects, and themes
  • Enhance your video chat experience with face tracking, digital pan, title and zoom

This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

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  • Chat in High-Definition
    Magic-i Visual Effects 2 HD is capable of enhancing your chatting experience with more clear and vivid pictures with high-definition videos supported. What's more, it removes most types of noise from any webcam with this new tool and preserves the details of the video. Pixel Stabilization helps to calm video flickering.

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  • Online Chat Visual Effects
    Visual effects make your online chat experience fun and entertaining. The program launches automatically as an unobtrusive panel whenever you open a video chat or webcam application. Enhance your online chat experience and create extra laughs with the fun visual effects including: Filter, Mirror, Distort, Fun Frames, Animation Frames, and imaginative new themes such as Dancer, Singer, Snow, Corsair, and many others.

  • Smart Customization
    Automatic face tracking lets your face recognizable and avoid accidentally drifting off-screen as you moves around. Dynamic Lighting technology brings better visibility by dynamically increasing the lighting on a dark area and restraining the lighting on a bright area. Use digital pan, tilt, and zoom effects to focus your video, then let video enhancement help you look your best.

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  • Plug-in technology
    The program's Video Plug-in technology means that Magic-i Visual Effects launches automatically whenever you start a video chat or open one of your favorite webcam applications. There's nothing to it!

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