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ArcSoft MediaConverter User Guide

  1. Select Media File
  2. Select Output
  3. Edit Media File
  4. Start Conversion
  5. Preview Converted Video

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

Step 1Select the media file

Click on the media (Video, Audio, Photo) you want to convert. To convert a video, for example, select the "Video" icon and browse to the desired video. Or just drag and drop media files.

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

Step 2Select the output

Click the "Select Output" button on top right of the screen. Choose the output format or device. If you want to convert a video to 3D, for example, select 3D from the "Type" drop-down list box and choose the format you want, such as "MP4 3D," and then click "Done."

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

Step 3 Edit the media file

Click the "Pen" icon next to the selected media file, go to "Video Editor" screen. Here you can add Effects, adjust Dynamic Lighting or Denoise effects, and change the brightness, contrast, and saturation.

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

Step 4 Start conversion

Select the video in the Task List and click "Start" to convert the video.

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

Step 5 Preview the converted Video

After the video is converted, mouse-over the thumbnail and click "Play."

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

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