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Panorama Maker for Mac

Create perfect panorama with your photos and videos

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Panorama Maker 5 Pro offers a simple and elegant way which turns your photos or videos to amazing panorama masterpieces. Providing a set of completely automatic stitching tools and different stitch modes, Panorama Maker 5 Pro enables you to make panorama photos from different vast landscapes, city skylines, mountains, forest, and more.

Make panoramas from both photos and video

  • Allows you to stitch both photos and video frames as panoramas.
  • Export your panorama to a variety of file formats including: JPEG, TIF, BMP, TGA, MOV, Flash, and PTViewer.

5 Different Stitch Modes

  • 5 stitch modes: Auto, Horizontal, 360, Tile, and Vertical.
  • Individual modes may work better for specific landscapes. A panorama of a city skyline is very different than a mountain range.

Powerful file management with ratings and tags

  • Organize your media conveniently and efficiently.
  • Add ratings or tags to your media collections.

Powerful photo editing tools

  • Automatically adjust the color of your panorama with auto-color balance.
  • Enhance your panorama with auto-brightness, auto-exposure, and auto-dynamic lighting.
  • Easy-to-use editing tools to crop, straighten, and adjust brightness and contrast levels.
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Built-in Online Print Service

  • Connect to the online photo printing service of your choice.
  • Customize your panorama prints with size and material (such as Matte and Glossy).
  • Designed specifically for you to print your professional-looking masterpieces.

Create Panoramas from video

  • Make panoramic photos from your favorite home movies!
  • Automatically splits movie clips into still frames and allows you to select the ones you want.
  • Supported video formats for panorama stitching include: MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4, M2TS, MTS.
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video player

Support for popular formats

  • Open all popular image formats (such as JPEG, TIF, RAW) from your network, hard drive, camera, scanner, or memory stick.
  • Import movie clips, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, and more.
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    Adjustment options for fine-tuning

    Panorama Maker 5 Pro includes fine-tuning options for professionals and photo enthusiasts including manual stitching point alignment and manual adjustment of stitching paths.

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    Crop tool for stitched panorama

    After the panorama is stitched, you can straighten it and manually crop off jagged edges.


"Create awesome panoramic images in seconds. Panorama images always look great-provided you know how to build them properly. And if not, you can always use Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro."- by Elena Santos

"ArcSoft Panorama Maker 5 Pro makes the photo-stitching process quite simple, with its auto-stitching, which works with both still images and video."- Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta

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