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Panorama Maker
A simple and elegant way to create panoramas!
  • Create, view and export dazzling panoramas
  • Provides 5 photo stitch modes for your needs
  • Powerful file management with ratings and tags
  • Powerful one-click enhancement tools

3 Steps to Create Your Panoramas

  • Build awesome panoramic images in just a couple of clicks, just select the photos that will make up the panorama, pick a stitching effect and let Panorama Maker take care of the rest.

5 Different Stitch Modes

  • Provide 5 professional photo stitch modes (Auto, Horizontal, 360? Tile, and Vertical) for your needs, automatic and manual modes may work better for specific landscapes.

High-quality Output

  • With ArcSoft's advanced alignment algorithm and processing technology, sharpness is reasonably well preserved with mostly invisible seams.

Automatically Analysis and Auto-stitch

  • Panorama Maker uses EXIF data to select images automatically if a series of photos are properly shot, the completely automatic stitcher makes the stitching process quite simple.
video player
video player

Powerful Editing Tools

  • A handful of editing tools allow you to adjust the blend where photos overlap, to straighten your image, and to use sliders to alter the brightness and contrast of the overall panorama.


"Got it for $15 and it's worth it!"

The Website states this goes for $80 normally, but is on special for $15 for a "limited" time. It's a powerful little app, and I'm astounded with its abilities while just testing it out. For the special it's worth it, but I think the $80 price tag is a bit steep. Grab it while you can on special and I'm sure you'll be impressed with it, as I am. - by App~Guru

"Just what I need."

I have been using this program for years now, since version 2 or 3 on windows. It has always been very easy and is always becoming more stable (more likely due to better computers).I'm very pleased with it. I use it for personal photos and for work. Can't wait to see it evolve to better intergrate my photo libraries in its menu.- by QuantaCaV

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