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Panorama Maker
A simple and elegant way to create panoramas!
  • Create, view and export dazzling panoramas
  • Provides 5 photo stitch modes for your needs
  • Powerful file management with ratings and tags
  • Powerful one-click enhancement tools


"Got it for $15 and it's worth it!"

The Website states this goes for $80 normally, but is on special for $15 for a "limited" time. It's a powerful little app, and I'm astounded with its abilities while just testing it out. For the special it's worth it, but I think the $80 price tag is a bit steep. Grab it while you can on special and I'm sure you'll be impressed with it, as I am. - by App~Guru

"Just what I need."

I have been using this program for years now, since version 2 or 3 on windows. It has always been very easy and is always becoming more stable (more likely due to better computers).I'm very pleased with it. I use it for personal photos and for work. Can't wait to see it evolve to better intergrate my photo libraries in its menu.- by QuantaCaV

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