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Your Digital Beauty Artist

  • More than 30 one-click pre-designed makeup styles
  • Precise facial feature detection and multi-face detection
  • Numerous realistic eye shadow styles, color contacts, lipstick colors and much more to choose from
  • Save your virtual makeover and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr

This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

Video Tutorials

Perfect365 Video Introduction

  • Why Perfect365?

    Have dark circles under your eyes? Perfect365 removes them. Want to put on or change your makeup? Perfect365 has it covered. Eliminate blemishes, apply beautiful makeup, make your face vibrant and easily turn yourself from drab to fab – with one click. Perfect365, your face makeup editor and fashion artist.

Article Tutorials

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Step 1

Open a Photo

Simply select a photo to open in Perfect365, or use one of the sample photos to experience the whole process.

Step 2

One-Click Makeover

Simply import your photo, and the application will automatically detect your facial points and show all the faces detected for preview. Choose one face from the list and select your desired style from the left side. The checkmark indicates that a face has been modified.

Step 3

Get New Styles

Enter User Center, and in the column "Style Update" you can download new template styles by clicking the download button on the right. If you are using the free version of Perfect365, you will need to sign in as a member. For tips on striking the right balance of glitz and glam, click View. The updated template is automatically added to the one-click templates list. More styles are constantly being added!

Step 4

Before/After Comparison

Click the "A/B" button on the top to compare the results with the original.

Step 5

Facial Points Adjustment

Are the effects not applied quite correctly? Click on the "Adjust Key Points" button to adjust the facial points.

Step 6

Make It Personal

You can personalize your look by adjusting the custom controls on the right side.

Step 7

Share with the World

Save your new look or share it directly onto Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

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