ArcSoft Photo+

Your Smart Photo Viewer

  • The best photo viewer to quickly browse thousands of photos
  • Display all photos in the same folder without needing to select each one
  • Crop, rotate, resize, rename, and pick your favorites
  • View 35 photo formats including RAW files and animated GIF
  • Share photos via Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter
  • Supports OS X 10.9 and Retina displays

This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

This should be native app on Mac

By Damian W from Canada about Smart Photo Viewer - ArcSoft Photo+ (version 1.0.0, Apple Mac App Store) on May 01, 2013

The app is simple and very functional. It is very well designed, works fast and it is simple to find all the needed options. It looks like it was build in mac, because it works very smooth and it is intuitive. Mac was missing a good reliable photo viewer. Preview app is great, but checking 100 pictures just does not work so great on it. Smart Photo Viewer is just simple and it has everything you gonna need from a photo viewer.

Love it

By faisalislam from United States about Smart Photo Viewer - ArcSoft Photo+ (version 1.0.0, Apple Mac App Store) on Apr 30, 2013

Finally a decent app which can automatically import all the photos of a folder. This is what mac's preview should be. Good jog guys :D (Y)


By david binyamin from Austria about Smart Photo Viewer - ArcSoft Photo+ (version 1.0.0, Apple Mac App Store) on Apr 26, 2013

finally a decent, simple, working, stylish basic image viewer AND at an excellent price. apple should buy and integrate this app. :-)THIS IS INSANELY GREAT :-)

Fluid display

  • Display all photos in the same folder and subfolders by opening one in Photo+
  • Intelligently rotate portrait-oriented photos
  • Thumbnails and the photo bin give you an overview of all photos
  • Supports setting Photo+ as your default photo viewer
  • Fully supports more than 35 formats including RAW files and animated GIF

Beautiful viewing

  • View photos in a zero-interface full screen mode
  • Browse photos with touch gestures
  • Spice up a full-screen slideshow by adding music and 10+ classic transitions
  • Cool 3D transitions make the slideshow display even more fantastic
  • Access detailed EXIF information including camera model, lens, ISO and more
  • Maintain zoom ratio while browsing

Useful tools

  • Fundamental editing tools include rotation, flip, zooming and lossless crop of your photos
  • Directly view and drag the photos you need to the desktop
  • Batch convert photos with your choice of format and quality
  • Easily sort photos by name or date
  • Powerful batch processing allows you to rename, resize or convert multiple photos at once
  • Adjustable photo quality when converting

Convenient photo classification and sharing

  • Hit the space bar to pick your favorite photos
  • Your favorite photos are marked with a heart icon in the photo bin
  • Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr accounts with Photo+
  • Easily share your photos with your family and friends via iPhoto and email
  • Print your favorite photos

Stunning Retina display

  • As a Retina-aware application, Photo+ displays your photos in incredible high-resolution on your Retina screen
  • Unlike some non-Retina apps that have their graphical assets up-scaled, Photo+ makes your photos come to life in extreme detail

What's New in Photo+ 3.0 for Mac

Adds a simple viewing mode with no interface.

Optimized printing

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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