ArcSoft Photo+

Your Smart Photo Viewer

  • The best photo viewer to quickly browse thousands of photos
  • Display all photos in the same folder without needing to select each one
  • Crop, rotate, resize, rename, and pick your favorites
  • View 35 photo formats including RAW files and animated GIF
  • Share photos via Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter
  • Supports OS X 10.9 and Retina displays

This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

Photo+, A Lightning-Fast Photo Browser App For Mac

By Charlie Sorrel from -Photo+, A Lightning-Fast Photo Browser App For Mac (3:12 am PDT, May 7th)

Sometimes all you want to do is flip through a folder full of photos, maybe cropping a few of them and deleting the worst ones. That's exactly what Arcsoft's new Photo+ for OS X is for.

A New Photo Tool Worth Watching

By Tucker Cummings from Photo+ Mac App Review: A New Photo Tool Worth Watching (On 21, May 2013)

This beautifully designed Mac App allows users to efficiently browse through a folder or drive with thousands of photos…and do it at a price that won't knock the wind out of you.

Easy to Use Photo Software

BY CHARLES MOORE from --- Photo+ for Mac from ArcSoft – Easy to Use Photo Software (ON MAY 14TH, 2013)

Unlike other programs that require users to import photos directly into the software, Photo+ pulls directly from any folder or drive. By just dragging or selecting a single image, Photo+ automatically displays every image from the same folder without the constant closing and clicking that accompanies so many standard photo-viewing programs.

Simple to use

By Daniel Bell from --- ArcSoft Photo+ For Mac Review (14th June 2013)

The app is really simple to use, just open it up and drag and drop a photo into it.

A bit Beefier and faster

BY DENNIS SELLERS from Somewhere between iPhoto and Aperture is Photo +(MAY 23, 2013)

ArcSoft's new Photo + is like iPhoto on steroids. They both handle most of the same tasks, but the new app is a bit beefier and faster.

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