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Auto Retoucher for Portraits

  • The first auto portrait retoucher
  • Super-efficient batch processing saves your time and money
  • Accurate faces detection and natural skin-smoothing technologies
  • User-friendly workflow lets anyone create stunning portraits

This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

New intelligent features of Portrait+ 3.0

  • Adjustable skin tone.
  • Streamline interface and workflow help you get through thousands of portraits at once.
  • New photographer-approved preset and custom filters for perfect enhancements.
  • Enhance the current photo or all photos with presets.
  • Save files with their original names or batch rename them.

Automatic detection with unmatched precision

  • Can detect up to 30 faces in a photo.
  • Accurately and automatically detect 24 key facial points on each face.
  • Automatic detection of all visible skin.

Batch processing for Stand-alone version

  • Import a whole folder of photos or hundreds of images within seconds.
  • Apply intelligent, stunning presets to all of your portraits with one click.
  • Tweak filters and apply them individually or in a batch.
  • Flexibly batch export all photos to any folder with adjustable size and quality.
  • Supports multiple RAW file formats for importing. (Mac)

Smart tools to enhance retouching

  • Blemish Removal eliminates or reduces pimples, wrinkles and other imperfections and blends perfectly into the original skin texture.
  • Reshape and fine tune facial features easily by moving sliders.
  • Want more? Optional makeup kits allow you to beautify your portraits with just a few clicks.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you want to retouch one or more specific faces in a group photo, you only need to disable the face detection for the others.
  • Comparison interface allows you to pick the best effects easily.
  • The editing styles you customize can be saved as new presets and applied to portraits.
  • The Auto Portrait+ filter allows you to batch process numerous portraits by recording common actions and triggering them all with a single click. (Plug-in for Windows) *The Stand-alone and Plug-in versions offer different feature sets. For details, please visit:

2012 CES Innovation and Engineering Award

Portrait+ is based on ArcSoft's patented, award-winning (2012 CES Innovation and Engineering) and unique face feature recognition & photo processing technologies which have been appreciated by many imaging industry leaders like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Fujifilm etc.

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