Create movies, edit videos, and liven up your movie
  • Import files from the built-in media library or from external devices
  • Enhance photos, videos, and audio files before making the movie
  • Add a variety of cool effects to liven up your movie
  • Support Windows 8

Quick Guide for creating and editing movies

This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 is an easy-to-use video editing program that can help easily and quickly create movies, edit videos and liven up your movies. You can easily enhance your specific videos with tons of effects/options and share them freely.

- by Jo on Oct 9, 2013 from

The program can import and export to ASF, AVI, MOV, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MP4, which should cover almost any consumer camcorder on the market. ShowBiz 5 can even get rid of the pesky problems that often plague budding cinematographers such as excessive camera shake and noise with just the click of a button. Best of all, the program uses both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards to speed up rendering and H.264 conversions.

- by Dan Bruns from

If you've ever wanted a Windows program that works like Apple's excellent iMovie software, you're in for a treat because ArcSoft ShowBiz is all that and much, much more. ShowBiz works like similar products (iMovie and Windows Movie Maker—WMM—in particular) in that it lets you import or capture video, edit it in various ways, and then output or export it using a variety of formats. But ShowBiz goes far beyond WMM's capabilities by offering numerous professional transitions, titling options, and other effects, all in a package that's as easy to use as it is powerful.

- by Paul Thurrott from Windows IT Pro

Integrated video editing tools

  • Perfect each frame in your movie by adding effects, text, transitions, titles, or even narration to make your movie a masterpiece
  • Adjust colors by changing the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast
  • Apply the Anti-Shaking tool for smoother playback
  • Reduce the noise level in your video with the Denoise tool
  • Use Rotate & Flip to correct position and Crop & Trim to get rid of unwanted parts

Storyboard and Timeline mode

  • ShowBiz 5 includes both a Storyboard and Timeline mode
  • Arrange the clips and photos, add a transition, drop in cool effects and music in both modes
  • Stretch the Timeline to add effects and audio at a precise point
  • Hide a track to focus on a specific layer and mute the audio in
    Timeline mode
  • Adjustable screen and thumbnails allow for easy viewing of multiple tracks and source files

3D creation and sharing

  • Create and edit 3D images captured from your 3D cameras, camcorders, or twin-lens web cams
  • Supports left-right, top-bottom, and red-cyan formats
  • Share your final movie by uploading to a YouTube 3D channel
  • Export as a 3D file, or write to a DVD/AVCHD/Blu-ray disc

Perfect the soundtrack with audio editing

  • Add your favorite music or soundtrack
  • Compose your ideal soundtrack using multiple audio tracks
  • Fade out music as your voice-over track fades in
  • Increase the audio playback speed, and adjust the volume, incrementally

Quick and easy disc creation

  • Offers several themes and cool menu templates for disc creation
  • Allows you to design personalized discs to enrich your digital life
  • Make custom slideshows
  • Create DVD, AVCHD, and Blu-ray discs in a snap!

Export and share

  • Easily share your movie on Facebook and YouTube
  • Export files compatible with iPads, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, and many other popular devices
  • Create DVDs, AVCHDs, and BD video discs with menu editing features... all simultaneously!
  • Choose Instant Share and click the tab to share online, export to a file or device, or create a disc
  • video player

    Effects galore!

    Liven up your movie by adding cool effects to blur, ripple, and dissolve your photo or video clip. Add a black and white effect, geometric patterns, or use wipe transitions. Preview each addition in the Preview Window.

  • video player

    Switch to Timeline mode

    For more precise edits, simply switch from the Storyboard to Timeline mode. In Timeline mode, you gain access to additional video editing tools, multiple videos, audio files, subtitles, and title tracks, as well as Marker and Chapter settings.

  • video player

    Preview, create, compose,
    and share

    Turn your video, photo, and music files into an original movie with this amazing movie making software - ShowBiz 5. Drag-and-drop your favorite content into the Storyboard or Timeline. Arrange them and apply effects, transitions, titles, or a voice-over. Share your movie by uploading to Facebook or YouTube, export to a file, transfer to playback devices, or create a custom disc.

  • video player

    Add to the Storyboard

    Simply drag-and-drop your media files into the Storyboard, organize them in the order you wish to play your movie, and let the fun begin! Add a title and credits, audio track, transitions, a voice-over, and effects. View imported files as resizable thumbnails or in filmstrip-style. Preview your movie in the adjustable Preview Window.

  • video player

    Compose with PiP

    Want to add your own director's comments or create TV-wall effects? Add additional video clips to your movie and display it as a PiP (Picture-in-Picture). Choose from several display options such as a motion path, fade in/out, and resize to make it more dynamic.

  • video player

    High quality and speed

    With CPU and GPU optimization using 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, AMD OpenCL and NVIDIA CUDA, the encoding process is accelerated and recording and playback are smoother than ever. ArcSoft's Smart Rendering technology minimizes the video generating time and avoids quality loss.

What's new in ShowBiz 5?

Added iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 to export device list

Added 1080p output option for devices that support it

Improve the disc creation performance with high recording speeds

Support full screen capture

Improved the sharing module

Fixed some minor issues

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