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How to Add Colored Frame

How to Add a Colored Frame

Using a colored frame as a background for your title, credits, and text adds a different dimension to your movie. ShowBiz 5 offers many colors to choose from. You can also import your own colors.

Step 1

To add a colored frame to the Storyboard, select Color from the drop-down list in the Library. Select a frame color and drag it into the storyboard to the desired location.

colored frame

Step 2

To add text or a title and credits to the colored frame, click the Text colored frame icon to display a panel of title, credits, and text frames. Drag-and-drop the desired text onto the colored background frame in the Storyboard and align the beginning and end of the text to match the beginning and end of the colored background. To enter and modify text, double-click the text element in the Storyboard to display the editing tools. Type the text directly on the Preview Window, dragging the text to the desired position. Use the tools to change the text font, color, size, and more.

colored frame

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