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How to Customize Preferences

How to Customize Preferences

With ArcSoft ShowBiz 5, you can customize a variety of settings in the Preference dialog box to save time or suit your needs. You can set the aspect ratio for the projects, set 2D or 3D video dimensions, choose your storage folder, and more.

Click the Preference icon customize preference located on the top right of the main screen. The Preference dialog box will display.

customize preference


Aspect Ratio: Select the aspect ratio for your project.

Video Dimention: Select 2D or 3D for both video preview and output. Note: When "3D" is selected, the video preview will be in red/blue mode and, if uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, it will also be in red/blue mode. However, when exporting a 3D video file, it will be in the left/right layout.

Duration Setting: Select the default time for digital images, transitions, and text to remain on screen.


♦ Temporary folder - Choose a temporary folder to save temporary files.

♦ Import to - Choose a folder to save imported files.

Undo level: Allows you to select the number of time you can undo an action.

Hardware Acceleration: If supported by your graphics card, you can choose hardware acceleration for video decoding or encoding.

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