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How to Use Editing Tools for Audio Clips

How to Use Editing Tools for Audio Clips

Compose and edit your soundtrack to add the perfect touches to your movie with ArcSoft ShowBiz 5.

Step 1

Drag-and-drop the desired audio clip into the Storyboard.

Step 2

Double-click the audio element in the Storyboard to display the audio editing tools.

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Step 3

Drag the yellow line to change the audio level incrementally.

Step 4

Slide the blue line to trim the audio. Click the Play Trimmed Scenes media files icon to play only the trimmed section of the audio clip.

Step 5

Select the Fade In/Out checkbox and choose the number of seconds.

Step 6

Increase or decrease the audio playback speed and choose the speed multiplier to set the audio playback time.

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Step 7

Click Save or Revert.

Step 8

Click the Back button to return to the media Library.

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