Important Patch for Windows Vista Users!

ArcSoft applications that do not specifically list Windows Vista in their system requirements are not intended for use on Windows Vista. If you choose to install a non-Vista application on your Vista system, please install the very important patch detailed below.

Who needs to install this important patch:
All users who have installed a non-Vista application on a system running Windows Vista, including owners of any ArcSoft applications purchased before January 8, 2007.

Why you need to install this important patch:

1) Some ArcSoft applications include a CD/DVD driver that does not install properly on Vista resulting in CD/DVD drives not being visible after restarting the system. The patch will properly install the CD/DVD driver, thereby making the drives visible. The patch is strongly recommended for all of ArcSoft's non-Vista products.
See a list of non-Vista applications that require this patch.

2) By installing this patch, the ArcSoft Updates & Patches feature (found in the menu system of most ArcSoft applications) will provide you with direct access to future Vista-related updates.

Download ArcSoft Universal Vista Patch:

1) Download this file to your Vista system

2) Double click to run it and follow the on-screen prompts

3) Restart the system

Please note, this patch resolves the two issues detailed above but does not make your ArcSoft application Vista-compatible. After the patch is installed, please launch the software and use the automatic update feature (found in the main menu) to automatically find and install the latest update to make your software Vista-compatible. See a list of programs for which this free Vista update is available.

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