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Download & Installation

  • How do I download my software?

    After completing payment, a download link on the confirmation page displays. An order confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail as well. The order confirmation contains your download link and license information. Please retain this e-mail for future reference.

    If you experience difficulties in downloading your software, make sure a personal firewall is not blocking or interrupting the data transfer. Browser-integrated download managers may also affect your download.

    To make the download process easier:

    Browser Configuration
    Active Scripting

    Please make sure your browser is set to allow active scripts.

    Please follow these steps to enable active scripts:


    Edit > Settings > Advanced > [X] Activate JavaScript for Navigator

    Microsoft Internet Explorer:

    Tools > Options > Security > Custom > Active Scripting > (o) Enable


    Opera > Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > Enable JavaScript

  • How do I re-download software I have already purchased?

    You can login to your ArcSoft Account to re-download the program. Click the Order History tab, and then click the relevant Invoice No. to download it. If the download link expires, you can download the trial version of the program from our online store and then use the Licensed Email and Activation Code to re-activate the program.

  • If the download stops before it is complete, what should I do?

    If your download stops before it is complete, click the Download button again. The download should continue where it stopped.

  • After downloading my software, where is it located?

    At the beginning of the download process, a Save As dialog box displays for you to choose the directory to save the file. Please take a note where the file is being saved. You can also search for the software by filename. Do not rename the file you are downloading; that can cause installation problems.

  • Is downloading software the same as installing software?

    They are different. Downloading software transfers the installation file to your computer. Installing the software extracts the files and loads them to your computer. Use the directions on the screen to download and install your application.

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