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How to Upgrade?

Free upgrade is simple, and it's a one-time process, any future upgrade after this time can be done within the program. just follow the instructions below:

Step1. Find and download the latest version of the product on ArcSoft Online Store, install it. If you have already installed it , switch to Step2.

Step2. Fill out the following form and submit to acquire new activation code.

Since we have changed our activation mechanism, you will need a new activation code to activate the latest version of your product.

Step3. activate the latest version of the product with your new activation code.

After you submit, your new activation code will be sent to you immediately. Check your email account for the new activation code.

Launch the latest version of the product, and click "i" button next to product name at the upper-left corner.

Then select "Activation" in the pop-up dialog box, fill out the form with your new activation code and then click "Activate".


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