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  • What's the point of Group Photo?

    You've gathered all your friends together for a quick group photo and it turns out to be anything but quick. Someone blinked. A child won't look at the camera. Someone didn't smile. Someone else has a weird expression. It ends up being anything but quick as you take pictures over and over trying to get one that's perfect. Even then, you often choose one that's not as bad as the rest rather than one where everyone looks great. Group Photo can solve that problem. Use your camera's burst mode to take a quick succession of pictures, then use Group Photo to grab the very best expression from each person among all those photos and combine them seamlessly into a single picture.

  • What are the differences between the trial version and the full version?

    The trial version has a 15-day free trial. Otherwise, they are the same.

  • How do I activate the program?

    Launch the program, enter the Licensed Email and the Activation Code, and then click Activate. To successfully activate the program, you need to make sure that the activation information used is accurate and there are no blank space characters before and after the Licensed Email/Activation Code.

    Note One license key can only be used on one computer.

  • How do I retrieve my activation code?

    The activation code can be retrieved from your ArcSoft Account. Please log in to your ArcSoft Account, click the Order History tab, and then click the relevant Invoice No. to find the activation code.

  • How do I re-download software I have already purchased?

    You can log in to your ArcSoft Account to re-download the program. Click the Order History tab, and then click the relevant Invoice No. to download it. If the download link expires, you can download the trial version of the program from our online store and then use the Licensed Email and Activation Code to re-activate the program.

  • What should I know before I start to process multiple pictures into the group photo using ArcSoft Group Photo?

    A group of photos (2-6) is required to use ArcSoft Group Photo. To achieve the best results, these photos should be of the same scene with the same shooting parameters.

    1. Two to six photos are required.

    2. It's best to use photos with the subject facing the camera and remaining in the same position.

    3. This group of photos should use the same resolution and shooting parameters like ISO, shutter speed, aperture value, and so on.

    4. This group of photos should be shot in the same background location.

  • How do I shoot the original photos to process the group photo results?

    First set the camera to the high-speed burst mode, and then shoot photos of the same scene. Do not move the camera when you are shooting the photos. It's best to use a tripod or set the camera in a fixed position rather than shooting handheld. Make sure these photos are shot with the same parameters including resolution, ISO, exposure time, aperture value and so on. After you finish shooting the photos, do not adjust the resolution of the photos through resizing or cropping. Those kinds of changes can be done after processing the group photo.

  • How many faces in a photo can be recognized by ArcSoft Group Photo?

    ArcSoft Group Photo can detect up to 20 faces in a photo.

  • Why are my photos not grouped automatically?

    To use the Auto Grouping feature in the program, the photos being selected should have the EXIF information including resolution, creation date, exposure time, aperture, and ISO. ArcSoft Group Photo will then help you automatically select similar photos. In some cases, for example, photos with different resolution or ISO cannot be auto grouped.

  • Which file formats can the program import?

    For importing, ArcSoft Group Photo currently supports JPG and TIFF.

  • Which file formats can the program export?

    For exporting, ArcSoft Group Photo currently supports JPG and TIFF.

  • Why are the photos I've selected not being added to the processing list?

    The program can only process photos with the same resolution. Any photos with different resolutions cannot be added to the processing list.

  • Can I manage photos in the preview area with commands like Copy and Cut?

    No, ArcSoft Group Photo currently does not support these functions.

  • How do I cancel the photos I've selected?

    Click the photo you've selected in the preview area to cancel the selection. Or you can move the cursor to the photo thumbnail you'd like to cancel in the processing list and click the remove icon to delete it.

  • Can I choose the base photo?

    Yes. You can click the Switch the base photo button  on the bottom of the preview area to choose the desired base photo from the original photos. Switching the base photo will lose all the adjustment you may have made previously, so its' best to choose your base photo first.

  • What should I do if I've selected the wrong photo to process?

    While processing, you can click Cancel  or press ESC on the keyboard to cancel the current task. If the process has already finished, click Back  on the Adjust screen to go back to the select photo screen. The photos you've selected are still listed in the processing list. You can then remove the incorrect photo and add the correct one.

  • Can I edit the finished photo?

    Yes. ArcSoft Group Photo provides professional editing tools. On the Adjust screen, click Edit  to access the editing tools.

  • What professional tools are available in the Edit function?

    ArcSoft Group Photo provides basic photo editing tools such as white balance, lightness, contract, saturation, tone, crop, and straighten.

  • How do I save the finished photo?

    You can view and switch the faces detected. Once you are satisfied with the result, click Save  to export the photo.

  • Shortcuts

    Content Shortcut
    Switch among group selections G
    Move Up(Expanded Folder)
    Move Down(Expanded Folder)
    Expand the directory tree/Move to a subfolder
    Collapse the directory tree/Move to the parent folder
    Hide/Show folder pane Tab
    Execute Enter
    Cancel Esc
    Exit Alt + F4
    Zoom In Ctrl + + / Mouse wheel roll forward
    Zoom Out Ctrl + - / Mouse wheel roll backward
    Comparison C
    Switch between fit in and 1:1 Z
    White balance selector W
    Crop R
    Undo Ctrl + Z
    Redo Ctrl + Y
    New Ctrl + N
    Save Ctrl + S
    Back Backspace

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