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Panorama Maker 6 FAQ

  • How do I update my ArcSoft software?

    All ArcSoft retail software titles have exceeded their end of life. As a result, updates are no longer available.

  • Does any ArcSoft software support Windows 10?


  • How do I activate the program?

    You can activate the program in the User Center. Click the i icon  in the middle of the title bar to access the User Center. Click the Activation tab  to continue with the activation. To successfully activate the program, you need to make sure that the activation information used is accurate and there are no blank spaces before and after the Licensed Email and Activation Code.

  • How do I check whether my program has been activated?

    You can check it in the User Center. Click the i icon  in the middle of the title bar to access the User Center. Click the Activation tab. If the program is activated, you will find the activation information there with the message saying that you have already purchased the product.

  • What limitations are included in the trial version of Panorama Maker?

    The trial version has a 15-day trial period. There are no functional differences between trial version and purchased version.

  • How do I download and install the program I've purchased?

    Go to your purchase confirmation email or your ArcSoft Account (Order History > Invoice No.) to download the program. Once downloaded, double-click the executable file to install the program.

  • How do I fully uninstall/reinstall Panorama Maker?

    You can follow these steps to reinstall the software completely with Anti-virus and Firewall disabled. However, you would have needed to keep a copy of the original installation files of all ArcSoft programs installed to be able to do this. Please note that the following steps may cause other ArcSoft software to malfunction and you may need a reinstall them as well.

    1. Uninstall the software from the Control Panel.

    2. Delete the program installation folder, and then restart your computer.

    [drive letter]:\Program Files\ArcSoft\[product name]

    3. Kill the processes ACDaemon.exe/ACService.exe/ in the Processes tab of Task Manager if any exist.

    4. Remove the following folders:

    Windows XP:

    1) C:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcSoft

    2) C:\Documents and Settings\[Current User]\Application Data\ArcSoft

    You may need to show the hidden files to get access to these folders.

    Start Windows Explorer.

    On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.

    Click the View tab.

    Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.

    Windows 7/Vista:

    1) C:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcSoft

    2) C:\ProgramData\ArcSoft

    3) C:\Users\[Current User]\AppData\Roaming\ArcSoft

    You may need to show hidden files to get access to these folders.

    To show hidden files in Windows 7/Vista:

    Click Start, type control in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

    Click Appearance and Personalization.

    Click Folder Options.

    Click the View tab.

    Under Advanced Settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

    5. Reinstall the software.

  • What are the requirements to make a successful panorama?

    There are several tips to successfully make a panorama:

    1. Make sure that the photos to be stitched have at least 20% overlap and have the same pixel size (Width/Height).

    2. It is better to shoot your photos at the same position with the same horizontal/vertical line. Using a tripod is the best way to achieve this.

  • What kind of stitch methods does Panorama Maker support?

    It supports 5 stitch methods including Auto, Horizontal, 360°, Tile and Vertical.

  • How do I add a frame, title, or copyright to the panorama?

    After the photos are stitched, click the Frame button  on the bottom right of the screen. On this frame screen, check the Frame checkbox. Click the frame color box to choose the desired color.

    To add the title, double-click the Enter Title Here text box on the preview area to enter you text. You can also click the New button to add another text box. To delete a title, first select the title in the preview area, and then click Remove.

    To add the copyright, please check the Copyright checkbox, and then enter the desired information. You can double-click the copyright information in the preview area to adjust font, text size, color, etc.

  • How do I manually stitch the photos?

    Once the photos are stitched, click the Manual button  on the bottom of the screen. With the Align Points feature , you can manually adjust the stitching points. The overlapped area between photos is outlined in orange. Click the box area and you will see three pairs of stitching points. Click and drag one of the numbered points to adjust the place you want to stitch. Once done, click Apply. The modified panorama displays.

    You can also click the Adjust Blend button  to make the adjustment. The image border area is outlined in orange. A point will be added wherever you click the path. Drag the point to move the path. To adjust the path more precisely, you can add more points. Please note that the orange outline can only be moved within the overlapped area. To restore the original blending path, you can right-click the point. If you are satisfied with the result, click Done.

  • What do I do if my photos stitch incorrectly?

    If you are using the auto stitch mode, you can choose another stitch mode such as Horizontal and Vertical to stitch the photos again. Or you can manually adjust the stitching points by clicking the Manual button after the photos are stitched.

  • What effects can I apply to the stitched panorama?

    Once the panorama is created, you can click the Straighten icon  to rotate the photo, and click theBrightness/Contrast icon  to adjust the value of Brightness and Contrast.

  • Which operating systems support creating 3D panoramas?

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 support 3D panorama creation while Windows XP does not.

  • Which players can play my stitched 3D panorama in MPO format?

    You can use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre and other 3D plug-ins to play your stitched 3D panorama.

  • Why does Panorama Maker always fail to make a 3D panorama?

    If the size of the photos to be stitched is too large, it may cause high memory usage and might fail to make the 3D panorama.

  • How do I disable Hardware Acceleration?

    If you are using NVIDIA® CUDA™, the program will automatically enable Hardware Acceleration to accelerate the stitching process. To disable the option, please go to the Settings menu, and then uncheck the Enable NVIDIA CUDA option.

  • Do you offer printing services for panoramas I've created?

    Yes, ArcSoft provides this printing service. Please follow steps below to order the panorama.

    1. After the panorama is stitched, click Order Panorama  on the upper right of the screen.

    2. In the Panorama Print Center, you can crop the panorama and select the size and quantity.

    3. Click Add to Cart to add the panorama to the shopping cart.

    4. Confirm the item and then click Check Out to continue with the purchase.

  • Why does the program ask me to install QuickTime when saving as MOV format even if I already have QuickTime installed?

    Please ensure that you've installed QuickTime version 7.5 or above.

  • Does the video stitch have the 360 degree stitch mode?

    No. The video stitch option only has Horizontal and Vertical modes.

  • How do I reduce the file size of my panorama in order to email it?

    On the Save dialog box, choose High Compression from the Quality drop-down list. A lower quality setting saves a smaller size file whereas a higher quality setting saves a larger size file.

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