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PhotoStudio 6 FAQ

  • How do I update my ArcSoft software?

    All ArcSoft retail software titles have exceeded their end of life. As a result, updates are no longer available.

  • Does any ArcSoft software support Windows 10?


  • How do I activate my program?

    You can activate the program in the User Center. Please click the i icon  in the toolbar to access the User Center. Click the Activation tab  to continue with the activation. To successfully activate the program, you need to make sure that the activation information used is accurate and there are no blank spaces before and after the Licensed Email and Activation Code.

  • How do I check whether my program has been activated?

    You can check it in the User Center. Click the i icon  in the toolbar to access the User Center. Click the Activation tab. If the program's activated, you will find the activation information there with the message saying that you have already purchased the product.

  • What are the differences between the trial version and the full version?

    The trial version has a 15-day free trial. Otherwise, they are the same.

  • How do I re-download software I have already purchased?

    You can log in to your ArcSoft Account to re-download the program. Click the Order History tab, and then click the relevant Invoice No. to download it. If the download link expires, you can download the trial version of the program from our online store and then use the Licensed Email and Activation Code to re-activate the program.

  • How do I fully uninstall/reinstall PhotoStudio?

    You can follow these specific steps to reinstall the software completely with Anti-virus and Firewall disabled. However, you would have needed to back up the original installation files to be able to do this.

    Note The following operations may cause other ArcSoft software to malfunction and you may need to reinstall all of them.

    1. Uninstall the software using Windows Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Delete the program files in the program installation folder

    [drive letter]:\Program Files\ArcSoft\

    2. Restart your computer.

    3. Kill the process ACDaemon.exe/ACService.exe/ in Task manager (Processes tab) if it exists.

    4. Remove the following folders:

    Windows XP:

    1) C:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcSoft

    2) C:\Documents and Settings\[current user]\Application Data\ArcSoft

    Windows 7/Vista:

    1) C:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcSoft

    2) C:\ProgramData\ArcSoft

    3) C:\Users\[current user]\AppData\Roaming\ArcSoft

    You may need to show the hidden files to get access these folders.

    Show hidden files in Windows XP:

    1). Open Folder Options by clicking Start, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Themes, and then clicking Folder Options.

    2). On the View tab, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.

    Show hidden files in Windows 7/Vista:

    1). Open Folder Options by clicking Start, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.

    Click the View tab.

    2). Under Advanced Settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

    5. Clean up the registry:

    1). Click Start, click Run or the search box, type regedit and click OK.

    2). Locate the following registry subkeys:



    3). Right-click to delete these two subkes.

    6. Reinstall the software.

  • How do I set the default folder to save my scanned photos?

    Click Select Source from the File menu. Click the Option button  to set the destination folder.

  • How do I transfer an object from one picture to another?

    Follow steps below to transfer the object:

    1. Use the Magic-Cut feature to extract the object. Select Magic-Cut from Effects. Use the Foreground Brush  to mark your object. Use the Background Brush  to mark the background. Click Fine Tune to continue with the adjustment. You can also click Tutorial on the upper right for detailed information on how to use this feature. Once completed, click Cut-It-Out to extract the object with a transparent background.

    2. Use the Select tool  to select the object. Press CTRL+C to copy the object, and then select another picture and press CTRL+V to paste it into that picture.

    3. You can drag the picture thumbnail in the Layer Palette on the right panel to adjust the layers.

  • How do I move and rotate the picture on a specific layer?

    To move a picture on a specific layer, please first select the desired layer in the Layer Palette on the right panel, and then click the Move tool  in the Tools Palette to move the picture.

    To rotate or resize a picture, select the desired layer, and then click the Transform tool . You'll find boxes around the edge of the picture. Move the cursor to the edge, and you'll find the pointer turns to a double arrow. Click and drag to adjust the picture size. The pointer turns to an arched double arrow when you move it to the outside of the picture edge. Drag it to rotate the picture.


  • How do I delete a layer?

    Select the desired layer on the Layer Palette. Select Delete from the Layer menu to remove it.

  • How to change the image PPI?

    Select Image Size from the Edit menu. In the Resolution text box, enter your desired PPI value.

  • Can I save pictures with a transparent background?

    PhotoStudio only supports saving pictures with transparency as PhotoStudio files (*.PSF). You will lose the transparency if you save them in other formats such as JPEG.

  • What is a PSF file?

    PSF is a proprietary file format which can only be viewed and accessed by ArcSoft image editing programs. You may use ArcSoft PhotoStudio to open the file and save it as other formats.

  • What should I do if I've encountered a Twain error during the scanning process?

    Please click Select Source from the File menu to choose another scanning mode like WIA. If it works, then you can scan in this mode. If not, we recommend you reinstall/update the scanner driver. Usually, you can contact the scanner manufacturer to download the latest scanner driver.

  • How do I use the Clone feature?

    The Clone tool  duplicates one part of your image to another part of the image. To clone an area, hold the Shift key and click the area you want to clone. A plus sign (+) will appear at that location for your reference. You can use the mouse to draw in a new position and it will use the source location to determine the color.

  • How do I change the transparent background setting?

    Select Preferences from the Edit menu. A window will appear for you to change the transparent background. You can select White, Checker Board and Pink Checker Board from the Transparency Background option.

  • Can I use a different color management system in PhotoStudio?

    PhotoStudio uses its own color management system, and it does not support others.

  • How do I remove red-eye?

    Select the Red-eye Removal tool  from the Tools Palette on the left, and then click the red-eye area to remove it.

  • How does Face Beautify work?

    It is a plug-in designed to beautify the eyes, mouth and skin. The feature points will be detected automatically to help you define the adjusting area. Select Face Beautify from the Effects menu. Adjust the feature points to the correct position and click Beautify to continue with the edit. Click Tutorial on the bottom right of the window for detailed directions on how to use this feature.

  • How do I change the settings of the undo feature?

    Select Preferences from the Edit menu. You can change the Undo Level to your desired setting.

  • How do I add new fonts to the program?

    If you want to use new fonts in PhotoStudio, you need to first install them on the computer.

    Follow these steps to add a font:

    1. Navigate to the Windows font folder located at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

    2. Copy the new font to this Windows\Fonts folder.

    3. Launch PhotoStudio and you will find the new font.

    Note PhotoStudio 6 only supports TrueType fonts with the TTF extension. Right-click the font and choose Properties to check its extension.

  • What are the advantages of PhotoStudio 6 compared with PhotoStudio 5.5?

    The Advantages of the PhotoStudio 6 are listed as below:

    1. Create incredibly detailed photos with brilliant colors using HDR.

    2. Processes RAW DSLR formats and large image files with ease.

    3. Provides tools to improve skin color, remove wrinkles, and whiten teeth.

    4. Extracts objects and people using the Magnetic Lasso and Magic-Cut tools.

    5. Features an array of advanced tools, filters, and special effects for total control.

  • Why is the Add Border feature missing in PhotoStudio 6? I can use it in version 5.

    The Add Border feature is called Canvas Size in PhotoStudio 6. You can select Canvas Size from the Edit menu.

  • I cannot close the Magic-Cut window. What should I do?

    PhotoStudio supports display resolution of 1024 x 768 and above. Some features will not display properly if your computer does not meet this requirement. Most current displays support higher resolutions.

    As a workaround, you can press the ENTER key on the keyboard to go back to the main screen if you are satisfied with the edit. If not, press ESC to go back to the main screen and cancel the change.

  • I cannot find the Tools Palette using PhotoStudio even though it is selected in the View menu.

    In some cases, it is possible that the palette is hidden under the Taskbar. Please right-click an empty space on the Taskbar, uncheck the Lock the Taskbar option and then drag and drop the taskbar to the left or right side of the screen to set it vertically. Then you can find the Tools Palette at the bottom of the screen.

  • What should I do if I'm having trouble printing?

    Typically printing problems are not software issues, but a problem with printer setup and configuration. Contact the printer manufacturer for assistance with setup and configuration of your new printer.

  • Is PhotoStudio 5.5 compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8?

    PhotoStudio 5.5 is not fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. To use the program successfully, we recommend you upgrade to PhotoStudio 6. You can register PhotoStudio 5.5 first to get PhotoStudio 6 at the upgrade price in My Upgrade Center.

  • What do I do if the program fails to activate?

    You can activate the program in the User Center. Click the "I" icon  in the toolbar to access the User Center. Click the Activation tab  to continue with the activation. To successfully activate the program, you need to make sure that the activation information used is accurate and there are no blank spaces before and after the Licensed Email and Activation Code.

    If the program still fails to activate, make sure you only have the software installed on one computer. And then follow these steps to fix the issue:

    1. Download the ZIP file from the following link:

    2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file and click on the "run.bat" file.

    3. Activate the program with the Activation Code provided.

  • When I open PhotoStudio for Mac I see an error message "Can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." What should I do?

    1. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu.

    2. Choose "Security & Privacy" and then click the "General" tab, followed by clicking the lock icon in the corner to unlock the settings.

    3. Look for "Allow applications downloaded from:" and choose "Anywhere"

    4. Accept the security warning.

    5. You can now launch any app from any location or developer.

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