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Portrait+ 2.0 for Mac FAQ

  • How do I update my ArcSoft software?

    All ArcSoft retail software titles have exceeded their end of life. As a result, updates are no longer available.

  • Does Portrait+ allow softening other skin visible in the picture outside of the facial area?

    Yes. Portrait+ can automatically soften all skin detected in the photo. You can also manually adjust the affected skin area using the Adjust Skin Area feature .

  • How do I activate the program?

    Once the program is launched, enter the Licensed Email/Activation Code, and then click Activate.

  • What languages does the program support?

    It supports 8 languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and English.

  • How do I get started?

    Click the Select Photos  button to open one or more photos.

    Tip: For best results, use a photo with the subject directly facing the camera.

  • Are there any restrictions for photos?

    Yes, the maximum supported photo resolution in Portrait+ is 37 megapixels and the minimum is 0.25 megapixels.

  • What file formats does the program support for importing and exporting?

    For importing, Portrait+ supports JPG, TIFF, PNG and RAW, etc. For exporting, JPG and TIFF output formats are supported.

  • What is the quickest way to adjust a photo?

    Click the Apply to all the photos  button on a specific style in the right panel to quickly retouch a photo.

  • How do I preview, apply or cancel a pre-set style?

    1. To preview a style, click the style name in the right panel to see the effect.

    2. To apply a style, click the Apply to all the photos  button on the desired style, and then click the Export Photos  button. Select the export settings and click the Start  button.

    3. To cancel an effect, simply click the Cancel style from all the photos  button to remove this effect from all the photos.

  • Can I cancel some specific styles applied to the photo?

    Yes. On the top right of the photo thumbnail, you can view the number of styles applied to this photo which means the number of the files to be exported regarding this photo. If you are not satisfied with some of the selected styles, you can first move the cursor to this photo, then on the popup, move the cursor to the thumbnail you want to remove, and, finally, click on the Delete  icon.

  • Can I create my own template?

    Yes. Click the Add new style  icon in the Custom Styles category to create your own template. You can retouch the face by adjusting the features in the Cleanup group. Or you can choose one of the templates available in the Makeup group. The selected effects will all be applied to one image (rather than saving out multiple images for each effect as done with other styles.) Once completed, you can click the Save  button in the Apply  drop-down list to save this new style.

  • What can I do with the DIY panel?

    On the DIY panel, you can adjust the parameters in the Cleanup group as you like. You can also select the makeover template in the Makeup group to beautify the face. Once finished, you can quickly apply the adjustments to the current photo by selecting the Apply to the current photo button from the Apply  drop-down list. This Apply drop-down menu includes three options:

    1. The Save  button. With this button, you can save the parameters you've set in the DIY panel as a customized style.

    2. The Apply to the current photo  button. This button allows you to apply the parameters you've set to the current photo only.
    Note: Only one DIY style can be applied to a photo. If you apply another DIY style, it will replace the previous effect.

    3. The Save & Apply to all  button. This button will first save the customized style, and then apply it to all selected photos.

  • Can I create my own makeup template?

    Yes. Click the Add new makeup template  icon in the Makeup category to create your own makeup template. You can also customize the makeover based on a pre-set template. Select the desired style from the Choose a pre-set template drop-down list and adjust the settings for the skin and features. At the same time, you can preview the effect on the current photo. Click OK  to save this makeup template.

  • How do I edit a style in the Custom Styles category?

    Select a style in the Custom Styles category. Click the Edit  icon. Then go to the DIY panel to make changes. Click Save to save the style.

  • Can I remove a style?

    Only styles in the Custom Styles category can be removed. Select the style you want to delete and click the Delete  icon to remove it. Styles in the Pre-set Styles category cannot be removed.

  • What are key facial points?

    Key facial points show where the various facial features appear in a specific photo. They are created automatically through face-detection technology but sometimes they can be manually improved to get better results. Click the Adjust key points  button at the bottom of the screen to access the Adjust Key Points screen. On this screen, you'll find the facial points of the original photo displayed on the left. The faces detected will be marked with rectangular boxes. If needed, drag the facial points around the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth to the proper positions.

  • How many faces in one photo can be recognized by Portrait+?

    Portrait+ can detect up to 20 faces in a photo. Once detected, the faces are listed as thumbnails on the bottom left of the preview screen. When you're ready to retouch a face, click the thumbnail to view the face details.

  • If I don't want to touch-up a face, what do I do?

    If you don't want to touch-up a face in a photo, click the Adjust key points button. The faces detected are marked with rectangular boxes. Click the Don't process this face  icon on the top right of the thumbnail to cancel the selection. The thumbnail will appear grayed out, and the makeover will not be applied to it. If you want to retouch this face again, click the Process this face again  icon.

  • I've already cancelled the face selection but why has the skin still been softened?

    The soften skin function is based on the skin area detected in the photo. Sometimes, the skin color of this person's face is similar to others in the picture. The program cannot tell who the specific skin area belongs to. Thus, it will still process the soften skin effect even though you've already cancelled the face selection. If you do not want to apply it to this face, you can click the Adjust Skin Area  icon to erase the face area that you do not want to process.

  • Can I apply different makeovers to other faces in a photo?

    No, currently you cannot.

  • How do I remove blemishes?

    Click the Blemish Removal  icon to access the Blemish Removal screen. Use the Blemish Removal tool to get rid of the blemishes.

  • Can I modify the skin area of a portrait?

    Yes. Portrait+ will automatically detect the skin area in the photo. If you want to adjust it, click the Adjust Skin Area  icon. You'll find that the skin area detected is masked out. Use the Brush Tool  and the Erase Tool to add or remove the skin area.
    Note: Don't worry about the eyebrows, eyes and mouth area as the program will not apply the soften skin feature to these areas.

  • How do I view the before and after comparison?

    Click the Before|After  icon to compare the effect before and after the makeover.

  • How do I delete photos?

    You can move the cursor to the photo thumbnail you'd like to remove, and then click the Delete  icon. You can also press the Delete key to delete it. Click the Remove All  button to delete all the imported photos.
    Note: Deleting photos from Portrait+ will not remove them from your computer.

  • How do I export modified photos?

    Click Export Photos  to save modified photos to your hard drive. On the Export Photos screen, choose the desired save location, image quality and image size. Click Start to begin the exporting process.

  • Can I customize the picture quality?

    Yes. On the Export Photos screen, select Custom from the Quality drop-down list. Drag the slider or set the value to change the picture quality.

  • Can I customize the file name for the exported photo?

    Yes. On the Export Photos screen, select Filename_Style Name or Filename_Sequence from the Rename todrop-down list. Currently, Portrait+ only supports renaming files in these two ways.

  • How do I select the pictures I want to keep from the output?

    Portrait+ has a user-friendly results comparison function which allows you to choose the best photos from the final results. Once the export process begins, you can click Show Result  or the photo thumbnail in the Export List to compare the original picture with the retouched version. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can just click the Trash  icon to delete it.

  • What are the correct key point positions for adjusting facial points?

    Refer to the demo on the right panel when adjusting key points. As shown in the demo, a relevant point is blinking in red and blue. Move the key point to the corresponding position.

    The following describes the location of the key points:

    Eyebrow: The three key points of the eyebrow are located respectively on the brow, brow ridge, and the tip of the brow. They are all in the middle of the upper and lower margin of the eyebrow.

    Eye: The left and right points are usually located in the position where the eyelids meet. It's better to adjust the eye liner close to the eyelids.

    Face: The left and right points are located at the edge of the cheek near each earlobe.

    Lip: The left and right points are located at the lip edge. The other points are in the center of the upper and lower lips.

  • Shortcuts

    Hotkey Content
    Command + O Opens the folder that contains your photos
    Command + E Export photos
    Command + Delete Removes the current photo
    Command + Shift + Delete Removes all photos
    Command + - Zoom out
    Command + + Zoom in
    Command + 9 Displays fit in
    Command + 0 1:1
    Home/End Displays the first/last photo
    ← →↑↓ Moves the key points
    Tab Displays the key points
    Page Up/Page Down Displays the previous/next photo
    Command + Q Exits Portrait+
    Command + D Open Blemish Removal screen
    Command + R Open Adjust Skin Area screen
    Command + K Open Adjust Key Points model
    Command + B View before and after
    B Brush tool
    E Erase tool
    J Blemish removal tool
    H Hand tool

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