Retail version

ArcSoft provides support and maintenance for its software products. The time period for such support and maintenance may vary depending on the release version of the software. Products reach the end of their product life cycles for a number of reasons. It could be due to market demands, technology innovation and development that drive changes and updates in the product, or the software simply matures over time and is replaced by a newer product that includes advanced functionalities and more sophisticated technologies.

Retired products and apps:

Album ArcNote
Collage Creator DVD Slideshow
Funhouse Group Photo
Link+ Low Light NR
Masquer MediaConverter
MediaImpression Panorama Maker
Perfect365 Photo+
PhotoImpression PhotoMontage
PhotoStudio PhotoStudio Darkroom
Portrait+ Print Creations
Showbiz Video Downloader
TotalMedia Theatre WebCam Companion
Video Impression Whip

If you have purchased an earlier version of certain ArcSoft software, we recommend you upgrade it to the latest version. The functionalities and operations of the earlier version might be different from the latest version, please download the trial version of the latest version from our official website to try it out first.