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TotalMedia Theatre Support
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Acquire Serial Number:
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum
  1. Launch Total Media Theater 3 Platinum
  2. Click on E in top-left corner or press Ctrl-i on keyboard
  3. Click on the "Registration" button on top-right corner, fill out the form and click on "Submit"
Patch Download:
TotalMedia Theatre Patch:
  • Windows & Mac
    • English, Deutsch, Fran?ais, 中文繁體, 中文简体, 日本語, ???, Dansk, Italiano, Espa?ol, Pусский, Svenska, български език
    • BUG FIXES:
      Fix bug with AC3 audio playback from BD media in some cases
      Update Information Center tooltip to remove incorrect keyboard shortcut
      Fix display issue with long data in movie information
      Improve DXVA auto-detection
      Fix Sandy Bridge compatibility issue with Sim3D auto-detection
      Improve compatibility with some web video
      Fix issue with patches remaining visible in Information Center after installation

TotalMedia Theatre Patch:
  • Windows
    • Supported Languages: International
      1. Support AMD Fusion platform (Brazos + SABINE)
      2. Support Intel SandyBridge platform (eDP+HDMI1.4 3DTV)
      3. Sim3D quality improvements
      4. HDMI 1.4 3D TV support
      5. S3D support
      6. Auto-detect TV configuration for 3D settings
      7. Support bitstreaming HD audio using AMD Catalyst 11.x drivers
      8. Support bitstreaming HD audio on NVIDIA 4xx series cards
    • BUG FIXES:
      1. Fix Intel SandyBridge audio bitstreaming
      2. Fix black video when playing a 3D file video on 3DTV using NVIDIA hardware
      3. Properly display disc menu when playing some discs in 3D mode
      4. Play various newly released and upcoming Blu-rays
      1. Bitstreaming HD audio may crash on some NVIDIA hardware. (Workaround: Change Audio Mixing Mode to any setting other than Original Primary Audio.)