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WebCam Companion FAQ

How do I change the capture resolutions in WebCam Companion?
Click the Capture module. In the upper-right corner, click the drop-down menu and select your desired resolution. (Remember: the higher the resolution, the larger the captured video file will be.)
Webcam does not work properly
If you have problems with your webcam, please directly contact the webcam manufacturers for assistance.

ArcSoft does not manufacture or distribute hardware devices or device drivers such as the webcam that you are having difficult with. ArcSoft only distributes and supports the editing applications that may have come bundled with your webcam. For assistance with device operation and issues, you will need to contact the device manufacturer directly. Please contact the location that the item was purchased from for Webcam Manufacturers information.
Software cannot detect webcam
Please make sure that you have installed a compatible driver for the webcam, and the webcam is connected well and working properly. It is suggested that you try to reinstall or update the webcam driver. If you computer cannot detect the webcam, nor will the software.

If you have problems with the device, please directly contact the webcam manufacturers for assistance. If the device works normally with other applications, please reinstall the application and see if it can work for you.
Does the program support to send email with other email programs?
The software will send your emails through your email program such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. You can first setup your email account such as hotmail/gmail in the email program.

Please refer to the Microsoft website for instructions on how to setup your email account in Microsoft Outlook:

Set up an Outlook Express account:
Magic I visual Effects 2 has been disabled by another program
When you open the ArcSoft webcam Companion, you can click on “Capture” to capture images and videos with Magic I Visual Effects 2. But other functions such as “Monitor”, “Edit” and “Chat” have been restricted to the Magic I Visual Effects 2, then you will get the message that Magic I visual Effects 2 has been disabled by another program.
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