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Smart technologies lead to a bright future.

For more than a decade, ArcSoft has been dedicated to the development of imaging processing technologies and applications for all major sectors. These efforts have resulted in our becoming a global leader in the imaging software industry. All of this began with a belief we had years ago – that cameras would eventually be integral to every digital device, and found just about everywhere in our daily lives.

The image capture and processing market is growing exponentially, as evidenced by the sheer number of camera-embedded smartphone and tablet shipments annually. With an estimated 2.7 billion cameras in mobile devices expected to ship in 2018, trillions of images will be taken, edited, posted, tagged and stored. Currently, there are over 300 million photos uploaded each day on Facebook. This breaks down to nearly 3,000 images posted per second. The numbers are mind-boggling and one thing is crystal clear: customers voraciously desire high-quality imaging and they want imaging technology to be easy to use.

The opportunity for growth as we face this enormous potential market is very exciting. The most obvious contributing factor to this potential growth is the customer's continuing ability to capture the highest quality images possible. One of the ways in which we are progressing as an industry is that all players in the imaging technology ecosystem are doing their part to satisfy customer demands. Some are designing a completely new optical system or sensors; others are coming up with next- generation imaging signal processors; and still others are working to improve controls of capture process. Despite these great efforts, however, one hurdle still looms large. The cost and form factor limitations to hardware solutions make production expensive and complex. And that is precisely where ArcSoft can help.

Algorithms play a big part in this ecosystem, and it is our core strength. As the leader in the imaging software industry, ArcSoft is delivering the results users require, namely, improving image quality during and after capture; simplifying user-device interaction; and inspiring creativity with existing photos and videos. ArcSoft "Smart Imaging" software empowers devices with "thinking" capabilities that combine object, face and gesture recognition technologies. These technologies allow the user to feel as if their smart device is simply a comfortable extension of themselves and their activities and desires, a convenient tool with which they can experience endless imaging possibilities on a whim. For example, let's say a user is looking for new sunglasses. The user can scan their face with their smartphone camera and 'virtually' try on sunglasses.

As we look to the future, and as hardware advances, we anticipate that consumer demand and expectations will ratchet ever higher. Users will want newer and better applications that make their lives easier and help them make smarter choices. To satisfy this increasing demand, it all comes down to expertise and experience. Right now, billions of devices from industry leaders such as Samsung, LG, Canon, Nikon, Motorola, Olympus, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, and Panasonic are already shipping with ArcSoft's technologies.

Believe in the bright future of imaging technology. Believe in ArcSoft.


Powerful algorithms for better results.

To increase a user's chances of capturing a better photo or video, ArcSoft's cutting-edge algorithms work their magic by controlling the capture process to capture multiple frames in one shot. Then our algorithms analyze, process and compose these frames to come up with the final desired image.

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Face Detection, Tracking, and Recognition Technologies

Your smart device is even smarter when it uses face detection, tracking and recognition technologies. At capture time, you can easily locate faces to optimize the capture result in the face area. You can also enhance portrait shots after they are taken - and organize them more easily than ever.

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Waving hello to smarter human-device interaction.

Chances are, you've already used Gesture Technology when you've interacted with a gaming device that enables your hand gestures or body movements to play the game. We predict the future of Gesture Technology to be even more exciting – and something you'll actually use every day.

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A deeper look at objects and scenes.

Photo and video consumption is greater than ever, thanks to the popularity of camera devices and social media channels. Object & Scene Technologies not only makes it easier to capture better images, but also augments search and index capability so you can find exactly what you need in your large image library.

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The fine line between image and reality.

We live in a three-dimensional world. Why shouldn't our images be perceived just the same way? With Stereoscopic Technologies, we can recreate the most natural details that make our images look as close to "real" as possible.

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Video codecs for communication, broadcasting, archiving and editing.

Codec is what makes file transmission, storage, encryption, playback or editing possible. It is the basis of all images. Besides applying our own products, our technology partners and customers also benefit from ArcSoft's rich codec library to bring the ultimate user experience for their customers.

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Visual intelligence is everywhere.

Cameras seem to be just about everywhere in our lives. And in the not-too-distant future you will notice embedded cameras in various devices for many industries – such as medical, automotive and surveillance – which require superior image capture.

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