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It is well known that the large optics and sensors in a digital SLR enable the user to capture gorgeous images. But as the world has become increasingly mobile, it has become an industry goal to elevate images on users' camera phone – which is the most widely used capture device – to a standard closer to that of the digital SLR. However, due to a mobile phone's diminutive size, in which smaller optics allow less light in and where smaller sensors incur more electric interference, this proves to be a sizable challenge (pun intended) for device manufacturers.

The good news is that even though camera phones are small, these devices are armed with: high computing power for fast processing; more system memories to store increasing amount of data; and powerful ISP for high-performance capture. As we work closely with our chipset partners who make all of these key hardware factors possible, ArcSoft utilizes these advantages to a) control the capture process, which enables capturing multiple shots with the same or different capture settings when users press the shutter once; and b) analyze and process these shots to compose the final desired image. All these are done at the moment of capture.

To illustrate the power of algorithms and how they improve image capture, let's take a look at burst capture. During burst capture, multiple shots are taken of one specific scene. This allows for greater amounts of visual information to be analyzed by the computer and then automatically used to remove noise and blur, improve the color and highlight/shadow details, and increase the resolution, clarity and depth of the field. Generally, the more information that is brought in for a scene, the more computing power is required, and the better results. The value here is not only to design algorithms for getting the job done with the highest quality but to make the process of photo taking fast and as easy as simply pressing a button.

Our high dynamic range (HDR) algorithm improves multiple shots with different exposure settings. Users will see more details in the highlight and shadow areas while the mid-tone is still well maintained. HDR algorithms provided by different technology suppliers are very different. Compared to the IPs offered by other companies, image devices that use ArcSoft's HDR algorithm will always maintain the highest resolution and clarity in all areas without double edges or blurry ghosting. The most important difference is that ArcSoft's HDR IP takes less than a second to accomplish these results while other suppliers will take between 3-30 seconds.

Capturing a high quality photo in a dark environment is a challenge. Under such circumstances, a normal DSC, especially a mobile phone, are unable to capture a good image. These photos are usually blurry, noisy, and dark. ArcSoft's NightHawk™ technology is also a good example of utilizing the multiple frame burst mode to capture and subsequently process the captured photos by using a newly designed algorithm that results in a clear, sharp, low noise, and bright photo with DSLR results within a second.

Low-light Video Technology – capture brighter and clearer videos under low light conditions.

Another example of using burst mode capture is for panoramic photos. Devices that do not offer ArcSoft's algorithms usually take lower resolution photos with double edges and ghosts that take many seconds to process.

The Creative Possibilities Behind Burst Mode

In addition to helping users take great photos even in challenging conditions such as low light, burst mode also helps people to be more creative with the images they capture. With Burst Panorama, for example, users can create amazing panoramic photos by panning through a scene. PicClear™ removes "photo bombs" (unwanted people or objects) from the photo. PicAction™ cleverly uses multiple frames to create a multiple object effect.

PicMovie – Capture an image with a photo-video hybrid effect.

ArcSoft is the leading global innovator of burst capture mode through our advanced image processing algorithms. We also provide burst mode capabilities to our OEMs so they, in turn, can offer additional product value and improve the camera quality in use. This results in higher performance, improved clarity, resolution and end-user satisfaction.

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