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Visual intelligence is everywhere.

ArcSoft began developing these technologies in 2000 to apply imaging processes on low-profile devices such as digital cameras, projectors, IP cameras, automobiles, robotics vision, TVs, Set-top boxes, and kiosk photo booths. These technologies are designed and highly optimized for each chipset to minimize CPU power and memory consumption.

How does ArcSoft make it happen?

We are focused on designing low profile products with low resource consumption and minimized CPU and memory usage. We are applying the same technologies we've developed for personal devices and offering the same capabilities to more and more industries who require high performance embedded cameras in their devices. Our experience is broad across many platforms, both mainstream and proprietary, and we also have very close partnerships with chipset vendors such as Qualcomm, TI, and NVIDIA. Because we started so early in imaging technology, we have a long, rich history and a proven, successful track record.

What is the future of these technologies?

It's hard to believe all the places that cameras will be one day. But they will be there. More and more devices are adopting cameras for various uses, to be more intelligent and flexible in their various offerings – such as surveillance, medical, automotive and more. Industries and end users will increasingly rely on low-profile embedded technologies in their daily routines.

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  • Capture

    Advanced algorithms for better mobile photography and videography

  • Face

    Accurately captures, personalizes, organizes and searches

  • Gesture

    Waving hello to smarter human-device interaction

  • Object & Scene

    Interprets subject & environment for quality capture and indexing

  • Stereoscopic

    Analyzes spatial 3D relationships for accurate recognition and replication

  • Video Codecs

    Video Codecs for communication, broadcasting, archiving and editing

  • Embedded

    Empowering traditional low profile devices with smart imaging technology

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