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Face Technologies can recognize and enhance faces (and help you get organized).

ArcSoft has been a pioneer in Face Related Technologies for more than a decade. We're continuously investing significant research and engineering time to this area. Prior to the advent of the smartphone, ArcSoft was one of the first imaging technology companies to offer these technologies in mobile phones. As more applications depend on these technologies, ArcSoft has been proactively focused on increasing success rates while decreasing false positive rates for user capture. As users take photos or videos in various challenging environments, ArcSoft's Face Related Technologies work in a variety of ways at the moment of capture. Such examples include balancing extremely unbalanced lighting conditions, clearly capturing a subject from very far away or detecting a face from a difficult angle. Face Related Technologies also make it simple and easy for users to sort, search and organize their ever- increasing volume of images and videos.

In addition to helping users capture better portraits and organize them, ArcSoft puts its sophisticated Face Technology into creative use. Perfect365®, a one-tap portrait retouching and makeup app, is a good demonstration of such. This is only one example as there will be many more to come.

With tens of thousands of imaging data in our research library, ArcSoft's Face Technologies can maintain its stable performance across different races, ages, genders, even facial expressions, and address all the major aspects of human emotion.

A few examples of these technologies include:
   • FaceSensor: turns device on or off based on if a user's face is detected
   • EyeMouse: controls devices with eye and face movement
   • Smile detection: detects if a person is smiling
   • Blink detection: detects when a person's eyes are shut
   • Red-Eye Removal: removes red eyes when capturing photos

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