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Technology that makes life easier.

Let's say you're watching TV and your mom calls. You need to turn the sound down quickly while answering the phone. All you have to do is to make a simple wave and you can adjust the volume immediately. With natural hand gestures, you can also change the channel, stop and pause, or play a video. While enjoying photos from your TV, you can flip through the contents in the same way, too.

Here's another common situation: you're in the middle of following a baking recipe on your tablet. Your hands are covered in butter and sugar and it's time to flip to the next page. With gesture technology, you can make a simple hand or even eye gesture and easily scroll or slide the display.

Wave hello to smarter technology.

ArcSoft's Gesture Technology uses natural human hand gestures with one or both hands, such as wave, grab and move, as well as face, eye and finger motions that allow us to interact with our devices without actually touching them. The technology supports single-lens devices such as a consumer webcam and stereoscopic devices. Both have greater precision and stability than other existing solutions, and support a wider variety of gestures. ArcSoft's distance capabilities for hand gestures are highly accurate, detecting clear gestures at 16 feet (5M) even under low light or back lighting conditions, which is quite advanced compared to the current standard.

Technology that's more natural.

To ensure the greatest stability and accuracy of this technology in real life settings, we studied and recreated the normal movements and gestures of the human hand, fingers, face and eyes for many years. Because there are numerous variables that contribute to creating an effective and satisfying user experience, we've carefully identified the most important scenarios – everything from lighting conditions to the most common and natural gestures.

The future is – literally - in your hands.

Human-device interaction has evolved in a big way – from keyboard and mouse to touch. Today, more and more people are moving towards using highly intuitive gesture recognition to interact and control their devices. As the future unfolds, ArcSoft will continue to play a vital role in offering the latest and best in this category.

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