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A deeper look at objects and scenes.

When a user takes a photo or video, these technologies enable his or her smart device to understand the context of the subject within the environment. It auto-detects that environment holistically, analyzing the what, the when and the where – for example, whether the image is taken of a person, a pet, or any number of subjects, and whether it is at the beach, in a snowscape, on a city street, or a rural environment during a specific time of day such as nighttime, daytime and so on.

At the moment of capture, this technology automatically adjusts the parameters in order to optimize the quality of the image based on the subject and environmental factors, as mentioned above. Post-capture, the user can more readily search or index the contents based on the environment in which it was taken.

Why do you need Object & Scene Technologies?

1. To capture better photos and videos more easily. Camera parameters are automatically adjusted based on the object or scene detected and there is no need to manually adjust capture modes.

2. To easily and smartly sort and index large volumes of content. Photos and video can be organized and found by color, shape, scene, etc.

How does ArcSoft make it happen?

Over many years, we've assembled a large database of myriad indoor and outdoor environments and objects that allow us to recognize and more accurately identify and analyze various scenes.

What is the future of these technologies?

Image consumption is greater than ever. As of January 2013, 240 billion images have been posted to Facebook. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute*. Users are constantly snapping photos, taking videos and posting their content online, and this huge flood of information is going to get bigger and bigger. Having to sift through all of this in order to search for specific content is only going to become more difficult. Object & Scene Technologies will help greatly narrow the focus so users can easily access the content they want as well as sort and organize it.
*Source: YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html)

Technology list: Object Tracking, Auto Scene Detection, Region of Interest Detection.

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