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Edit Wedding Photos

How to edit wedding photos

It is a big challenge for photographers to edit weddings photos. After one day of shooting, there are hundreds or thousands of wedding photos waiting for you to touch up. Aside from changing backgrounds, the most important part of wedding photo editing is retouching portraits. How do you edit such a large amount of photos in a tight timeframe with satisfactory quality? ArcSoft Portrait+ may be a good assistant to quickly resolve the most time-consuming work during wedding photo editing.

Step 1Import a batch of wedding photos

Batch-import all the wedding photos.

Preview photos and delete the unwanted ones via Style Bin if necessary.

Step 2Select the proper skin-smoothing level and soften all skin area, not just the face

Portrait+ provides five skin-smoothing levels for different skin types. Choose a level to soften couples' skin, including faces, which can remove or lighten wrinkles, freckles and other skin imperfections simultaneously, while preserving a natural skin texture.

Step 3Apply the most suitable style to all the wedding photos with one click. Export them in a batch instantly.

Apply the most suitable style to all the wedding photos with one click. Export them in a batch instantly.

How to adjust bride's makeup

Brides can't keep their makeup perfectly on the whole day's shooting. Therefore photographers sometimes have to touch up bride's makeup when editing wedding photos. How to adjust bride's makeup while remaining groom's look unchanged? Here is a tip for your reference.

Step 1Auto faces detection and fine-tune

When you import photos, Portrait+ will automatically detect every face in all photos. Fine-tune these facial key points if needed. The position of the key points affects virtual makeup effects.

Click the top right button to close the auto detection of thegroom for no makeup needed.

Step 2Make up for the bride

Apply existing makeup styles to the bride, or create your own bridal makeup via facial feature adjustments and cosmetics selections like eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and more.

Note: Five skin-smoothing levels are designed for different skin conditions. Generally, the second or the third level is appropriate for retouching the subject's body skin to achieve a smooth and natural effect.

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