How to retouch portrait photos by Photoshop Plug-in

People use Photoshop to retouch photos because of its comprehensive feature set. But not everyone can photoshop portrait proficiently. Even for photographers, repeated pixel-by-pixel adjustment is terribly time-consuming. A basic portrait retouching process in Photoshop typically includes the following steps:

1. Duplicate Layers ready for applying the effects

2. Apply the "Diffuse Glow", "High Pass" or other filters to Layers

3. Lower the opacity of effect layers to fine-tune the area of skin softening

4. Use brushes to manually eliminate imperfections like freckles and wrinkles on the face

5. Paint away any softening effect over the subject's eyes, mouth and other areas that shouldn't be softened.

Now a Photoshop Plug-in specialized for Portrait retouching can help you simplify the workflow and free you from repetitive manual editing. Portrait+ Photoshop Plug-in provides your desired effects with simple processing, and you don't have to edit and transfer images over multiple platforms just to get the final retouched portraits.

Step 1Install and launch Portrait+ Plug-in

Download and install ArcSoft Portrait+ Photoshop Plug-in. Launch Photoshop and import a portrait from your image folder. Click Filter>ArcSoft>Portrait+ to open the Plug-in panel.

Step 2Retouch a portrait with Cleanup styles

Apply effects from Cleanup styles to your portrait and tweak any available facial details, like Soften Skin, Enlarge Eyes, Whiten Teeth and more

Step 3Add a Makeup style to your portrait

Customize your own ideal styles using various makeup tools such as foundation, eye shadow and lipstick. The custom styles can be saved and applied to portraits instantly.

Step 4Savethe retouched results

Click the "OK" button to export the retouched portrait back to Photoshop.

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