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3D Video Editing

Edit Remarkable 3D Videos

"I just recently purchased a 3D HD Sony Bloggie digital camcorder, but I noticed it comes with no editing software. Any help? Thanks!"

"Is there any software to edit sound and video for a 3d artist? Something like Final Cut for Mac? In college I was told of one but I can remember it… I use Windows so final cut can't work for me. Thanks!"

People are trying to find a really simple program to edit 3D video, say, ArcSoft ShowBiz, as we can see from their comments. ShowBiz 5 has taken a step forward to offer creation of 3D movies on disc or 3D videos to share online. Although the earliest 3D movie dates back to the 1930s, we have never been so addicted to watching 3D movies and editing homemade 3D videos as we are today.

Today's ShowBiz not only helps you to improve 3D video quality, but also provides automatic tools to turn 2D movies into 3D ones, and quick access to social networks, like Facebook and YouTube.

Part 1Add polish to 3D videos

You can create 3D videos just like 2D videos. Edit scenes, add effects and transistions, or even record your voice as voice-over. Simply choose a 3D viewing mode (left/right, etc.) through Properties in a video's right-click menu from the Storyboard and it will be treated as 3D by ShowBiz.

edit 3d video

Part 2Upgrade 2D videos to 3D

What makes your 2D videos outstanding? The amazing Sim3D technology. Flat 2D homemade videos draw less and less attention, but all it takes is changing an option in ShowBiz to add depth to your 2D videos. You can easily switch video previewing effects and output formats between original 2D and Sim3D!

edit 3d video

Tips: You need red-and-blue 3D glasses or dedicated 3D equipment to watch 3D videos.

Part 3Share 3D to the world

We are no longer content with searching randomly for something entertaining online. Now we want to share everything directly with our friends or even the whole world on social websites. Luckily, ShowBiz supports instant sharing of 3D videos to Facebook and YouTube.

1.Share edited 3D videos

Enter your Facebook or YouTube account information in ShowBiz's Preferences, or connect to them when when you get to the final steps of ShowBiz's editing process: Finish -> Share Online. In moments, your videos will be available on your favorite social networking site.

edit 3d video

2.Instant share 3D videos

If you don't need to do any editing, choose a 3D video you've imported from your device into the Library, move your cursor over the thumbnail and select Instant Share. Your file will be immediately shared to the social networking site of your choice.

You can also create 3D movies with ShowBiz and watch 2D/3D movies in 3D with TotalMedia Theatre.

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