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Convert MTS to MOV

How to Convert MTS File to QuickTime MOV

Camcorders come handy while you on peregrinate to some of the lovely locales, you may just find it irresistible to capture those mesmerizing sceneries. However, all these video files are mostly in MTS format and in order to enjoy them to the most, you need to import them to your computer, iPhone or some other similar device. Sometimes, the media player installed at your end extends full support to such files while the other times, it may ask you to upgrade the software or ceases to play the file at all. In such circumstances, a better idea would be to convert the MTS file to some format that is more likely to play them comfortably such as QuickTime MOV. ArcSoft MediaConverter performs very much similar purpose and executed the MTS to MOV conversion successfully.


If you want to convert MTS to QuickTime then it is essential that your device has installed QuickTime; otherwise the ArcSoft MediaConverter would not accept the file. It will keep on prompting the error message stating that you need to install QuickTime to carry on with the conversion process.

How to convert MTS to MOV

The process to convert MTS file to MOV is simple and needs you to follow few easy steps. Though, you may use much other software to perform such a task but the MTS to MOV converter is undoubtedly the most promising one of all of them.

Step 1Choose the input MTS file

To start with, you are required to select the MTS file that you want to convert to MOV. Hence, after launching MediaConverter, you can import your MTS file by dragging.

Convert MTS to MOV

Step 2Select the output format

If you want to make some modifications in your file then you can click the Convert MTS to MOV icon next to the video in the workspace otherwise you can directly move on to select the output format. For this, you need to select the Convert MTS to MOV button on the right side of the converter.

Convert MTS to MOV

Step 3Start converting the MTS file

This is the last of the simple steps that you need to do for MTS to MOV conversion. Just click "Start" button and the process will be acknowledged by a bar citing the conversion progress in percentage.

Useful Tips:

  1. You can consult the customer support team of ArcSoft multimedia in case you feel some problem.
  2. You can also change the video output format to notice the change in the resultant video by clicking button.

    Convert MTS to MOV

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