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Convert AVI to MPEG

How to convert MPEG to AVI with MPEG AVI converter

While converting MPEG file format to AVI, it is the speed and quality that matters the most and therefore the need to zero-in on the best video converter further rises to an extended level. Adhering to your needs and accompanying the latest technology, the software from ArcSoft proves true to your coveted expectations in this regard.

Brief Description about file formats

While moving ahead with the process to convert AVI to MPEG, it is worthwhile to know some important fact about these formats.

AVI: The Audio video Interleave format is widely used to contain both the audio and video multimedia files. A part of Videos for Windows technology, this format was introduced by Microsoft that made way for video-audio playback. Sometimes you may feel the need of converting files from other formats such as MPG to AVI, for certain reasons; you can use the MPEG to AVI converter from ArcSoft to perform any such task.

MPEG: Also known as MPG, this format holds the distinction of being the world's most accepted and compatible format that allows for lossy compression of various audio and video files. At present, it is used in a numerous technologies and products.

Step 1Select input file

Choose the "Video" icon on the left panel of the software to select the AVI file that you want to convert to MPEG format.

Convert AVI to MPEG

Step 2Choose the output format

On the right hand side, click the "Select Output" button to select the MPEG format in which you want your AVI file to be converted.

Convert AVI to MPEG

Step 3Start converting file format

Convert AVI to MPEG

Useful Tips

  • While you are converting a file using this ArcSoft software, it would be preferable to choose the format in which you really want to convert the input file. Inability to provide the apt file or the right format may result in prompting of certain failure messages such as "Conversion Failed. The output format may be invalid", "Cannot be imported. Duplicate file found", and so on.
  • If you are providing the right information either in the form of file or format, your process will be acknowledged by "Ready to Convert" message leading to which, you can move ahead with the conversion.
  • If you want the resultant file in a resolution other than the input file, you can change it as well. All you need is to click the "Settings" button on the bottom of the right panel and choose your preferred resolution.

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