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Make Blu-ray Disc

Create High Quality Blu-ray Movies at Home with ShowBiz

Old movies have sustained appeal to people so movie manufacturers burn them onto blu-ray discs. You must also have some memorable footage in old days and you want to burn them to blu-ray disc because of its big storage. Or some of your newly shot videos need to be saved in hi-def format on blu-ray. In such cases, ArcSoft ShowBiz can cover all of your tasks.

ShowBiz is integrated with a powerful blu-ray burrning software which supports different types of blu-ray discs as well as superb hi-def video editing and enhancing tools before burning.

Part 1Create High Definition Home Videos on Blu-ray Discs

Videos capture from hi-def camcorders can be 1080p movies. So you have sufficient reasons to burn them to blu-ray discs. ShowBiz is the blu-ray software you need. It provides powerful HD video importing system together with all-in-one editing board, let alone its blu-ray disc maker that allows you to customize disc burning settings.

Make Blu-ray Disc

During BD creation, you can change different disc menu styles with colorful buttons, frames, still/ animated effects. Also you can drag and drop to adjust layout, video clips and switch between editing and preview once and again.

Part 2Upgrade Old Movies to Burn Blu-ray Ones with ShowBiz

Some important scenes went back to old times when you shoot them with standard camcorders, and even analog recorders. You're very eager to upgrade them into blu-ray movies like those movie giants to enhance their "The God Father", "Star Wars trilogy". Here we go.

Make Blu-ray Disc

  1. Import videos from where you save them;
  2. Enhance movie with double-click to enter "advanced editing". To get better effects and make them seems like newly shot, you should correct color and fine adjust them in clips;
  3. Burn the movies to blu-ray disc.

In this case your movies are not as perfect as those shot recently. But they are totally different from what they were before you use ShowBiz. Blu-ray discs will save your memories in most stable way, and thanks to ShowBiz you can watch them to the best quality they can be.

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