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Connect Camcorder to Computer

How to Connect a Camcorder to Your Computer

Camcorders can record every brilliant moment in videos and we usually transfer camcorder videos to computer for permanent storage or further editing. There're a variety of solutions to connect camcorder to your PC and laptop, you can choose one depending on your camcorder type and your personal preference.

This article is mainly about how to connect camcorder to computers. ArcSoft ShowBiz is an all-in-one video editor that enables you to load camcorder videos to computer and edit with camcorder video clips in the smoothest flow.

Part 1Firewire Port Connection

Most camcorders have firewire ports for you to connect camcorder to computer recently. Actually firewire has become the standard method for camcorder video transferring. It is also known as IEEE1394. What you need is a 6-pin to 4-pin firewire cable.

Those Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC digital camcorders that save their videos on hard drive disks, tapes, and flash memories are all suitable for IEEE1394 connection. It's an all-in-one solution for popular camcorder types in recent days.

Connect Camcorder to Computer

The 4-pin connector is for camcorder and the other 6-pin connecter is for computer. Make sure that your camcorder is on power and turned off before connection. Specialists suggest that it's wise to connect computer port at first and then camcorder one. Afterwards, turn on the camcorder and your computer will detect camcorder device and ask you what to do next.

Part 2Analog Video Capture

There are still considerable numbers of old camcorders don't support firewire cables. If you cannot find a 1394 port on your DV camcorder, don't worry. Make it clear that your camcorder shoots analog signal video and then choose to capture video via analog video capture card. Go and buy one if your computer isn't equipped with the card and insert it to your computer slot. Meanwhile, you need a small round S-Video cable in conjunction with some video capture software to realize analog video transfer.

Connect Camcorder to Computer

Part 3Data Transfer

If you have no devices we mentioned above at hand, you can simply copy videos from camcorder to PC. Use the USB cable to connect computer with your camcorder and copy your data to PC.
Some kind of camcorders store videos on memory card, memory stick, etc. Although this method is not so common, it offers another solution for video transfer. Just remove the storage medium and plug it in your computer with the use of matching ports.

Connect Camcorder to Computer

Tips: Data transfer connection is not highly recommended because the whole transfer process is very slow. Taken the bandwidth restricts of USB and the like; it's more convenient to transfer pictures and some small files than camcorder videos.

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