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Edit Mini DVD Video

Useful Advice on How to Edit Mini DVD Camcorder Videos on PC

"I have shot some wonderful videos with my Mini DVD camcorder and when I put the Mini disc to computer, nothing comes up. What's wrong? Is anything that I can do?" It's a frequently asked question among video fans who want to edit videos from Mini DVD camcorder rather than just watching them on DV. Camcorders that belong to Mini DVD type are: Sony DCR Digital8 camcorders, Canon Mini-DVD DC51, Mini-DVD DC201, Mini-DVD DC220, Mini-DVD DC30, etc. We'll help you to get videos on computer and edit them with ArcSoft ShowBiz step by step in this article. ShowBiz is a powerful editing program which handles all kinds of inputting formats well enough.

Step 1 Know about Your Mini DVD Format

There're five DVD formats, DVD-VIDEO, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, and DVD-AUDIO. Most digital Mini DVD camcorders support one-time Mini DVD-R while some support rewritable Mini DVD-RM. Don't forget to finalize you Mini DVD videos on camcorder if you're using DVD-R discs. And you should consider about your DVD player's compatibility as well.

 Edit Mini DVD Video

Step 2Import Videos from Mini DVD Camcorder

ArcSoft ShowBiz never fails in importing Mini DVD videos from camcorder whether they are finalized or not. It performs extremely excellent in homemade videos importing as well as editing, all to bring out your creativity. Just put your Mini DVD into computer DVD drivers and ShowBiz will find your videos by itself.

 Edit Mini DVD Video

Step 3Edit Mini DVD Video Freely on ShowBiz

Integrated with abundant video editing tools and creative editing templates, ShowBiz tries its best to improve your Mini DVD videos. You'll get dazzled by those elegant-designed effects, transitions, texts, audio/picture-in-picture tracks while being at ease for the intuitive interface and the smoothest operating process.

 Edit Mini DVD Video

Tips: Mini DVD is totally different from MiniDV. The latter means a palm-sized digital video camcorder, while here we discuss is a media storage medium that is sometimes utilized in camcorders.

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