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Import JVC Everio Video

Easy Way to Get Videos from JVC Everio Camcorder to PC

"I've bought a JVC Everio GZ-HD500 and it took me a lot of money. I bought it for YouTube use but however I tried to import videos from JVC Everio camcorder to pc it didn't work. It spent long time and comes out a huge file, with unsatisfied video quality. Please help!!!"

We can offer you help if you read this article carefully.

There's a close relationship between your camcorder storing medium and your importing solutions. Easy-to-use video editor ArcSoft ShowBiz delivers all-in-one solution for JVC Everio camcorder video importing as well as editing, so long as you have corresponding hardware that is common in home use.

Tips: JVC Everio camcorders record videos in .mod format for standard definition and .tod format for high definition. And TOD is the JVC's unique video format for high-definition camcorders. JVC GZ-HD5, GZ-HD6, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40, GZ-HD3, and GZ-HD7 are all TOD camcorders.

As for JVC Everio series, there're mainly two mediums, namely hard disk drive and flash memory. We will discuss the two respectively.

Part 1JVC Everio HDD Camcorder Video Import/Edit

Connect camcorder with your computer using a USB line, and turn on the camcorder. Your computer will recognize the camcorder as a usual plug-in media device and get videos from camcorder.

Import JVC Everio Video

This seems easy; nevertheless you may fail in watching or editing video files from JVC Everio camcorder because your computer can't read their original format. Unless you have downloaded ShowBiz, which helps you to import videos from a variety of camcorder types automatically and edit them with integrated powerful editing tools.

Import JVC Everio Video

Part 2JVC Everio Flash Memory Video Import/Edit

There're two methods for you to get videos down to your PC from JVC memory camcorder. The first one is a similar one with HDD camcorder video loading, as we discussed above, using a USB line(IEEE1394 line). If you utilize ArcSoft ShowBiz to capture video, it will be simpler since the software integrates import, recognize, and edit functions within a single panel. Pay attention that the line you choose decides the speed you load videos on a great deal.

Import JVC Everio Video

The second way is to load videos from the memory card, memory stick directly. However it's not highly recommended because of low speed and great loss in video quality.

Series Module Number
JVC Everio


JVC HD Everio


JVC 3D Everio


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