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How to Enjoy Good Movies by Converting Home Movies

A Movie converter performs this important function to convert your favorite video files into your preferred format. The reasons could be any and many, you may want to play a media player on your computer that does not support the format of your file. If it is a home movie that you captured through your camcorder, you may find it hard to play it on your iPad, iPod or even in your computer until and unless you convert the video into a compatible format. To help you perform such a conversion flawlessly, the ArcSoft MediaConverter is an appropriate application.

Talking about home movies that you create through your digicam or camcorder, they are usually created into AVCHD specification, which is used for digital recording and playback of high quality videos under the format of MTS and M2TS among others. With the help of ArcSoft MediaConverter, you can play these videos in your preferred device that may be a daunting task otherwise.

Step 1Import Selected Movies to ArcSoft MediaConverter

Click "Video" icon on the left side of the application and choose the movie file that you want to convert to another format. For instance, take M2TS file.

Movie Converter

As a result, you will see the movie title along with its icon on the workspace with the message below citing as "Ready to convert".

Step 2Edit Movies for Suitable Effect

Should you need to change its settings, you can do that as well by clicking the Movie Converter icon on the right of the video bar. You can make changes in a variety of options included in "Video Editor" window that include among others, color adjustments, denoise, and conversion speed and more.

Movie Converter

Step 3Select the Output Formats for Your Movies

On the right hand side of the software, click /asf-converter-select-output-icon.png button to choose the format in which you want to convert your movie file. For instance, take WMV.

Movie Converter

Step 4Start the Conversion Process

You are almost done, the final step is just to click "Start" button to initiate the conversion process with the help of ArcSoft MediaConverter. It will take hardly few seconds for the movie conversion to take place, depending on the file size.

Movie Converter

Once the process is completed, you are free to view your favorite movies in the preferred format with high picture quality and excellent sound making your experience even more rejoicing.

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