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Xbox360 Video Converter

How to Convert Videos for Your Xbox 360 for Joy

Xbox 360 is technologically advanced video game console that contains HD gaming, sensational graphics and having perfect sound. One can even play videos on the game provided they are supported by it. A point necessary to highlight every video format is not supported by Xbox 360. For instance, MP4 is one format which can be played easily in the game. So, if you want to play YouTube videos or any other video in Xbox 360, it is necessary to use Xbox 360 video converter for playing video files in the game.

ArcSoft MediaConverter is used for converting movies, video files to such a format which is playable at Xbox 360. Video converter for Xbox 360 helps in converting files easily and within the time span of fraction of seconds. For converting video files, it is necessary to follow steps of conversion. Before that, download and install Xbox converter. Run it at your system.

Step 1Select the input source

The step one comprises of loading of source files i.e. selecting a video. In the screenshot, WMV video file is taken as input file. Multiple files can also be selected at one time for conversion.

Xbox360 Video Converter

Step 2Select output

Click on "Select Output" for choosing Xbox 360 as output file. In order to make search easy, type Xbox 360 in search bar as shown in the screenshot.

Xbox360 Video Converter

Step 3Start Conversion

When both input and output file is selected, press "Start" button. As soon as button is pressed, the process of conversion will start.

HTC Video Converter

When the file gets completely convert, it will display message as "Finished" which implies the file now can be played on Xbox 360.

In the right hand side, there is Xbox360 Video Converter button which can be used for making some customized settings like frame resolution, FPS, etc. If settings are not made by user, the software will accept default settings as main settings.

Finally, transfer the desired file to you Xbox 360 and start to enjoy the joy.

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