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Enhance Audio Quality

How to Enhance Audio Quality

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre has all the features and effects which a professional sound engineer could need for audio enhancement. With a variety of advanced editing tools for audio, TotalMedia Theatre provides you a wonderful audio-visual experience by improving sound quality!

Beyond that, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre supports DTS Surround Sensation, a new virtual surround sound and headphone technology from DTS that simulates 5.1 channels of sound in a two-channel environment.

Enhance Audio Quality

How to Use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre to Enhance Audio Quality

Step 1Click AV Center button open Audio Settings

Install and launch ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre. Note: Please make sure your computer system matches the requirements. Click AV Center button, located on the top control panel.

Enhance Audio Quality

Step 2Enhance sound quality and effect in Audio Effects

You can enhance sound quality and effect in Audio Effects tab. Audio effects are available when using analog output modes (Headphones, 2 Channels, 5.1 Channels, and 7.1 Channels) and unavailable for S/PDIF or HDMI output modes.

Enhance Audio Quality

Volume Boost

Drag the slider to increase the volume when the system volume and program volume are already both set to maximum.


Choose one audio effect mode from the drop-drown list. The number of options available depends upon your audio output mode.

Step 3Customize the Equalizer to enhance audio

The Equalizer tab provides a 10-band equalizer, which allows you to boost low, mid-range, and high audio frequencies. Click and drag each band to adjust the level. The level settings are applied to the current profile immediately and applied to audio in real-time. The equalizer is only available for Headphones 2 Channel, 5.1 Channel and 7.1 Channel output.

Enhance Audio Quality


Sixteen pre-setting profiles are in the drop-down list, such as Bass, Classical, Jazz, Pop.


Click Restore to reset these options to their default values.

Note: For more audio enhancement function details, please refer to Totalmedia Theatre user manual.

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