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MPEG Player

Step-by-step Guide to Teach You how to Play MPEG Videos

How to play MPEG files or Which MPG player is the idea onee are most sought information by newbies to digital video. In this short article, we try to address this question as well as we possibly can.

Things you need to Learn

MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. This working group specializes in the development of video and audio encoding standards. When you have come into possession of a file with an .MPG or .MPEG extension, you usually have either MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video. MPEG-1 video is used on VideoCD (VCD) discs and MPEG-2 video is used on Super VideoCD (SVCD) and DVD discs.


If you are looking for a good MPEG player, here I recommend you ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater which offers an easy-to-use way for viewers to obtain a wonderful visual journey. It plays all media files smoothly, including audio, video, AVCHD, Blu-ray, photo slideshow in almost main-flow formats. See how to play MPEG as follows.

Step 1Download MPEG Player

If you havennt installed ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater already, go to download and install the latest version of it.

Step 2Load MPEG file

After launch it, you will get the main interface of this media player. There are two ways for you to import MPEG file you want to play: click the Media Managerr or the Openn button. The video will play at once in this MPEG player.

MPEG Player

Step 3Customize the file

Click AV Centerr to customize the file when playing, such as setting the brightness, contrast, hue or saturation. For more settings, you can right click the playing panel and select Settingss.

MPEG Player

Step 4Control video playback

This MPEG player provides you all controls to watch your video: pause, play, forward, backward, page up, page down and more.

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