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View 2D in 3D

How to view 2D Multimedia File in 3D Mode

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Nowadays, the trend of 3D technology is coming. 3D turns out to be the new favorite of film industry and a lot of great and famous 3D movies, such as Avatar, are emerging. Do you want to enjoy your 3D movie at home? Want to watch 3D movie in the cozy atmosphere of your living room or bedroom? ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre gives you all you need to view 2D in 3D, which is also a 3D video player!

View 2D in 3D

Beyond that, TotalMedia Theatre allows viewing standard 2D photo slideshows and DVD movies in 3D with Sim3D. Various 3D encoding formats and 3D TV display formats are supported. Typically complex 3D setup is automated and simplified so you can view 2D in 3D without hassle.

How to Use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre to view 2D multimedia file in 3D mode

Step 1Click 3D button to open General Settings

Install and launch ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre. Note: Please make sure your computer system matches the requirements. Click the "3D" button, located on the top control panel.

View 2D in 3D

Step 2Play 2D multimedia files in 3D mode

You can set the application to play 2D multimedia files in 3D mode in the General Settings dialog box.

View 2D in 3D

Check the "Always play Blu-ray 3D movies in 3D mode" option. If this option is unchecked, the application plays Blu-ray 3D movies in 2D mode.

Check the "Always play movies and video files in 3D mode" option. If this option is unchecked, the application playback will be in 2D mode and cannot be switched to 3D mode.

Step 3Use Sim3D to turn 2D to 3D in real-time

You can select "2D" option when your source file is a 2D video/movie. ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre uses Sim3D to convert the file to 3D in real-time.

View 2D in 3D

Note: For more 3D function details, please refer to TotalMedia Theatre user manual. With its help, you can set up the application to watch 2D movies in 3D on your specific system.

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