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Easy Guide on how to Play VOB Files


If I have a bunch of mini VOB files downloaded on to my computer, how can I play them in succession? Which VOB player you would like to recommend?


Finding the right media player software to install on your computer can very often be a long and frustrating process. We recommend you to use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater, which is a powerful all-in-one media player for videos, Blu-ray, DVDs, and AVCHD with working to bring you cinema-like experience. In additional, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater has matured from a player into a complete media manager. It allows you to browse media files faster and sort your media library by title name, date or duration.

Step 1Download VOB player

Download and install the latest version of ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater .

Step 2Load VOB file

Here are two flexible ways for importing VOB file you want to play: click the "Media Manager" or the "Open" button. The video launches in this VOB file player automatically.

VOB Player

Step 3Improve your Playback Experience

You can click "AV Center" to open a group of editing tools to customize the file when playing: Drag the slide bar under "Audio Effects" tab to increase the volume even if the system volume reaches to the maximum; set the brightness, contrast, hue or saturation under "Video Effects".

Use the controls to watch your video. For example, click the "Pause" button if you want to stop your video temporarily. Double click the video if you want a full screen playback. Click the "Forward" button two or more times to fast forward your VOB video.

VOB Player

Step 4Manage Your Video

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater is not only a VOB player, but also an excellent media manager. Simply click "Media Manager", and you are offered functions of adding or deleting media files, sorting them by name, date or duration, and even managing your playlist.

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