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Convert MKV to MPEG

Convert MKV to MPEG with Easy-to-Use MediaConverter

MKV is a popular and widely accepted format which has unlimited audio or video streams holding capacity. The format is popular on the internet as well as it enables sharing HD video content like anime, cartoon, etc. Due to HD video sharing feature, the format is not supported by every computer system. So, in such cases it becomes important to convert MKV into other format like MPEG.

With the help of ArcSoft MediaConverter, MKV file is easily converted into other mainstream video and audio formats like MPEG, MOV, MPG, AVI, etc. The converter also helps in converting MPEG to MKV. Now, let's take a look at step-by-step guide.

Step 1Import the MKV file

First of all, select input source from "video" option. Because a MKV file needs to convert, therefore MKV file would be considered as input.

Convert MKV to MPEG

Step 2Output settings

On the right hand side, there is a "Select Output" button. Press it and select output as "MPEG".

Convert MKV to MPEG

Step 3Start conversion

After input and output is selected, press /convert-mkv-to-mpeg-start-icon.png button to initiate the process of conversion.

When the file will converts 100%, the message of "Finished" will prompt.

Convert MKV to MPEG

On the extreme right hand side of the converter, there is a Convert MKV to MPEG button. By clicking it, users can make desired settings in audio and video format. Adjustments with respect to brightness, length, resolution, FPS and so on can be made.

This MKV to MPEG converter, also known as MPEG to MKV converter, includes useful video editing functions, uploading many videos at a time, high quality output, friendly interface, free from virus, etc.

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