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Convert MOV to AVI

Guide about Converting Videos between QuickTime MOV and AVI

MOV is a common multimedia format which is used for saving video files and movies on PC. MOV format is regarded as one of the simplest and easy to use format available today. Although, the format is quite popular and has evolved over time, there are certain disadvantages in the format. For instance, the video can only be viewed on Mac OS, cannot be streamed, etc. Considering the fact, users prefer converting file into such format which can be played in their systems like AVI.

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and it is a common format used for saving audio or video file on the personal computer. ArcSoft MediaConverter helps in changing MOV files into various formats including AVI and same holds true in the case of AVI to MOV converter.

Three steps are involved in the conversion process. Let's take a look at them one by one.

The foremost thing required is to download and install the MediaConverter in your computer.

Step 1Select the input as MOV file

Select "Video" from the left panel, use the window that pops up to browse the files on your computer for the MOV video, and import it into the program.

Convert MOV to AVI

Step 2Choose the output as AVI file

Press "Select Output" button, choose AVI as the output format from the drop-down menu, then click the /convert-mov-to-avi-done-icon.jpg icon.

Convert MOV to AVI

Step 3Start the conversion process

After selection of input and output, press "Start" button so that process of conversion will start. Once the process will be completed, click the video thumbnail to note the changes.

Convert MOV to AVI

Once the conversion process gets completed, the "Finished" status will appear on the screen. Some of the features which are present in various MOV to AVI converter software are:

  • ·Compress or convert files within minutes
  • ·Support various formats
  • ·Adjustable settings
  • ·Produces high quality output
  • ·Easy to perform editing function
  • ·Easy to use
  • ·Pause and cancel the process at anytime during conversion
  • ·Support drag and drop feature

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